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Anti-4th Of July Fun in the City!!

Free Dolores Park Anti-4th Screening
by x Monday June 30, 2003 at 07:36 PM

Yes, it's true! There will be a free screening at 9:00 pm (performances 8:30) of "We Interrupt this Empire" in Park. Spread the word!

Come to the Anti-July 4th kick ass Dolores event.
99% PATRIOT + FAT- FREE** film screening.
Free !
when you order xtra fries with your very own rogue state Now !
and a host of xtra juicy war-resistant shorts
yep, (another) world premiere
right here in the
of our
more or less united Mission district
Dolores Park
@ 19th and Dolores St.
July 4th, 2003
8:30 pm - performances
9:00 pm - films begin
not-yet-confirmed performances by
- The Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane
( i.e. republican porn )
- Sistah Siren and
- BBQ-ed beats by Enemy Combatant Radio djs
all absolutely Free !
... while earth's supplies last
** Warning: not responsible for nausea ,
and/or belly-aches induced by laughter ,
which may result from viewing film shorts like
" Meatheadus Supremus" and other related "Empire" footage .
Bring yur blankets to sit on or curl up in, an xtra sweater, and
whatever yummy treats you'll need to wash down another star-spangled
independence day in the good ol' US of A.
Did we mention it's FREE ! ?
no ,really !
And don't forget the extraordinary SF Mime Troupe will be premiering
their new show earlier that day in Dolores park at 2pm
" Veronique of the Mounties "
AND then head to The Lab for the opening of
Group Exhibition
July 2-July 12
Opening Reception: Friday, July 4, 5-8 PM
Gallery hours: Wednesdays-Saturdays, 1-6 PM
In an invitational group exhibition coordinated by Michael Rauner and
Allegra Fortunati, Bay Area artists use the public forum for creative
acts of dissent. This exhibition will recognize visual and performed
public artworks about propaganda and war by local activists and artists.

excerpt from press release:
WE INTERRUPT THIS EMPIRE..., a documentary about the anti-war protests
that shut down San Francisco.
What happens when a trigger-happy cowboy with a pocket full of loot aims
his guns on an oil-rich, people-poor nation?
The San Francisco Bay Area Video Activist Network presents the story you
won't see on Fox News: an eye-popping, jaw-dropping look at the Bay
Area's radical resistance to an illegal war.
"We Interrupt This Empire..." is a collaborative work by many of the Bay
Area's independent video activists which documents the direct
actions that shut down the financial district of San Francisco in the
weeks following the United States' invasion of Iraq. With the audio
backdrop including the live broadcasts of Enemy Combatant Radio from the
SF Independent Media Center and the SFPD's own tactical communications
,the documentary takes a look at the diverse show of resistance from the
streets of San Francisco as well as providing a critique of the
corporate media coverage of the war and exploring such issues as the
Military Industrial Complex, attack on civil liberties, and the United
States' current imperialist drive.

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Re: Anti-4th Of July Fun in the City!!

So is it the Declaration of Independence you're against? The idea that an oppressed set of colonies could declare themselves free and independent, in charge of their own destinies? Is it the Constitution you're against? The idea that government is to be constrained by simple written rules (which the average citizen should be able to understand), in order to best secure the blessings of liberty to the citizens? Is it the United States of America you are against? Is it the current administration? Would having one of "your guys" in office mute your objections, just as getting one of "their guys" in office seemed to put gags in the mouths of Republicans who were vocal critics of government excess when Bill Clinton was President? It's clear you are against war (and what sane person wouldn't be?), but how does that keep you from celebrating our nation and its independence? Are you, like me, against the betrayal of our founding ideals by any number of recent administrations and congresses? But in that case, wouldn't it be better to celebrate the Fourth and the ideal USA we want, rather than disrupt or denigrate the Fourth, in recognition of the corrupted USA we have? Can you not be positive and work positively toward a goal that more than radicals and revolutionaries can endorse?


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