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Kucinich Gets Strong Support in July 4 Parade

Aptos July 4 Parade - Dennis Kucinich, presidential candidate - groundswell of local support following his recent Bay Area events.
Independence Day was celebrated by a strong showing for presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich in the July 4 Parade in Aptos California. Dubbed "The World's Shortest Parade", this annual Aptos special attracts upwards of 10,000 people.

Kucinich supporters came through with two trucks of riders and a troupe of 'runners' bringing 10-point handouts to the people who lined the streets. The flyer laid out "What a Kucinich administration would work to deliver for America."

The back of the lead truck had just one message: "To vote for Dennis Kucinich you must register as a Democrat" This is a real issue since people who are stirred by this candidate range from long-time non-voters, through, Greens, Natural Law, Independents, Republicans and lapsed Democrats.

The second truck was a Ford F150 converted to bio diesel by Rebecca Thistlethwaite, running on used vegetable oil from a local restaurant; at least one vehicle in the parade that walkers could happily tailgate and inhale.

Riders and runners alike sported T-shirts hot off the press carrying the message:
"Vote for a True American Patriot!"
Dennis J. Kucinich
- Stands for Creating a Department of Peace
- Wants Universal Health Care for all Americans
- Wants quality education for all Americans, k-college
- Will Repeal the Patriot Act
- Protects a Woman's Right to Choose
- Would Cancel NAFTA and U.S. Participation in the WTO

Danny Sheehan in a recent radio interview urged people to take the time to research what a presidential candidate stands for. Kucinich was the Congressman who introduced legislation for a cabinet-level Department of Peace, to establish non-violence as an organizing principle in both domestic and international affairs. While this bill steadily gains Congressional co-sponsors (close to 50 to date), this initiative speaks strongly to many people who agree this is an idea whose time has come.

Kucinich is featured in the current issue of the long-established Resurgence magazine - "An international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking" published in the UK . Here he ranks among other U.S. notables including Wendell Berry, Jane Goodall and Amory Lovins.

The theme of this issue is "The Futility of War". The Kucinich' article is "Peace As A Civil Right - Injustice is a Weapon of Mass Destruction" The end quote on Kucinich states "He will campaign on the basis of reinstating the meaning of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to see the United States participate in the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Land Mines Treaty, the Small Arms Treaty, and the International Criminal Court, and to affirm the Kyoto Global Climate Change Treaty." These are all core issues that transcend State borders and national boundaries.

Acting in respect of the eco-systems that support all life is also a trans-border responsibility It's important to say that besides an "eco-mobile" in the parade for Kucinich, campaign t-shirts in organic cotton were procured and printed at short notice. And the handouts were printed on chlorine-free 80% post-consumer paper. All the signs are good.
Corrina McFarlane
July 5, 2003

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Re: Kucinich Gets Strong Support in July 4 Parade

I was at the rainbow gathering when the parade happened. I am proud to know that Dennis was featured so well in the parade.


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