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A Bittersweet Evening With the IBDAA Palestinian Dancers

A bittersweet feeling filled the civic auditorium last night as the Palestinian IBDAA Folkloric Dancers took the floor.

The troop, which is from the Dheisheh Refuge Camp, is made up of young men and woman, 16-18 years old. Dancing an abbreviated program minus one of their ‘star dancers’, the troupe danced two long pieces:

Al-Khaima (The Tent), a duality between pre-1948 village life and ‘Al-Nakba’ (“the catastrophe?), the post 1948 events.

Al-Waseeya (The Will), the story of a palestinian farmer’s will to future generations; to cherish and defend the land against occupying forces, the Ottoman Empire, the British, and Israel.

Dheisheh Camp, with its 11,000 inhabitants in one half mile square, was created in 1949 near the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank. The camp has a long history of resistence to the occupation and since the second Intifada it has been the site of continuous repression by the Israeli army.

Ibdaa means “to create something out of nothing?. The Ibdaa Culteral Center was founded in 1995 and serves over 1500 children and young people every year through the development of social, cultural, and creative skills. The center includes a nursery, kindergarten, children’s library, computer and internet centers, restaurant, multipurpose hall, sports programs, community mural, women’s copperative, music courses, guesthouse, income generation projects, and scholarships. See

Ibdaa strives to empower children to face their difficult future and to educate the international community on the Palestinian refugee issue.

The tour, which will continue to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York, is raising funds toward the construction of a medical clinic.

After the beautiful dancing the children (third generation troupe) and their (first generation troupe) escorts answered questions from the audience. One vibrant young woman exclaimed “We want to show people that we have two arms and two legs and that we are human beings just like them. We are not terrorists.?

The event was sponsored by the Resource Center For Nonviolence

For more information on the Palestinian struggle and the right of return see:


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Missing Facts

It looks like they left out a lot of information. including that the produce a number of killers amongst their population that kill Jews then run back into the camps and hide.


The above link points to an interesting and thoughtful but ultimately biased viewpoint.

There is a war going on west of the Jordan River. It is inevitable that there are fighters in the camps as well as elsewhere in the West Bank and Gaza. I think we learned long ago in Vietnam and Central America; and now in Iraq and many other places that an 'occupied' country or an 'invaded' country will defend itself with what it has at hand.

This argument that the Arab countries are beholden to absorb the Palestinians doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Yes it's true that many Jews were displaced from their ancestral homelands in the middle east and were absorbed by neutral countries as well as by Israel. This, however, does not dispute the fact that there is no Palestinian homeland. Israel was created from the Balfour Declaration and then by the actions of the UN. When I look at a map of Israel in 1948 the West Bank and Gaza were much larger than has ever been offered again. Who is going to force an Arab country to give a piece of land to the Palestinians?

I have been to Israel. I drove a car west to east in a half an hour, then entered the West Bank. It's a tiny country laterally...hard to defend with many enemies. The region has a long history of conflict and hatred. There is no easy solution.


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