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Demonstrate for Peace Every Tuesday in CAPITOLA VILLAGE!

Get down to Capitola Village every Tuesday from 5:00 - 6:00pm to Demonstrate for Peace!
Demonstrate for Peace Every Tuesday in CAPITOLA!
Two men hold up signs of peace and resistance in Capitola Village every Tuesday evening from 5-6pm and they would love to have more people join them!

Imagine, people demonstrating for peace in Capitola Village, and you too are invited.

They told me that they have been there (almost) every Tuesday for about a year and a half and they would like to see a larger turnout of demonstrators.

I have mentioned to them that they should put out a "call for demonstrators" here on our very own Santa Cruz Indymedia, but since they apparently have not gotten around to posting the information, I'm doing it now.

The exact location is the Stockton Ave. bridge overlooking the river, the beach, and the Capitola Wharf.

They said they will be there next Tuesday. I will try to be there next Tuesday as well.

Bring a sign, make some flyers to hand out, bring a camera or audio recorder, and bring a ruckus if you like.

Power to the Peaceful!


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