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Police Silence Video on Pacific Avenue

A flyer announcing a second video event on the sidewalk in front of the Pacific Trading Company on Pacific Ave as well as an update on what happened there Saturday afternoon July 12th.
Silent Citizenry, Silent Movie
Police SILENCE Video Downtown

The original video, “The Battle for the Costa Brava Planter,� was shut down by Sgt. Loran Baker and Officer Pawlak on Monday, June 30, 2003 in front of the Pacific Trading Company When
“Boycott Bigotry� activists set up a table and television as had been done regularly throughout the fall half a block away, Sgt. Baker arrived and with no warning gave out two $162 citations for “not having a sound permit� (never required before).

Baker declined to say whether there’d been a complaint and then turned off the television. Baker declared, without legal authority that if a radio or television could be heard more than more than 15’ away, it would violate city law. To
protect their video equipment against malicious seizure (in the last 3 weeks Baker has confiscated
three tables and political literature as “evidence�), activists were forced to stop the showing.

In compliance with the new SCPD “Silence is Golden� policy , we resume showing the video....

on the sidewalk at 1224 Pacific Avenue [Walnut & Pacific] next to the “Seating Space For the Wretched Removed� Planter; A Silent Video for a Silenced Community; Silent Highlights for a Silent Era;

All video with no sound whatsoever in accord with new police department policies...

“The Silent Surrender of Civil Rights in Santa Cruz�

Brought to you with your taxpayer dollars ($6600 to move a planter railing 4� to eliminate “undesirables�),compliments of the Pacific Trading Company, Jackson’s Shoes, the Downtown Association, the Redevelopment Agency, the Santa Cruz Police Department, and the Santa Cruz City Council !

See: Lt. “Lurking� Lee Sepulveda “staking out� a criminal “Boycott Bigotry� table on Pacific Ave (6-23)!

See: Lee and Sgt. “Bumbuster� Baker swooping down with a squad car blockade of Pacific Avenue to haul away a criminal cancer patient for daring to table past the sacred Sixty Minute deadline (7-6)!

See: “Mr. Twister�,the PTC balloon clown table all day as SCPD use creative selective enforcement (7-6)!

See: The happy Hosts scurry in & out of the PTC & Jackson’s Shoes to protect those proud businesses!

See: Sgt. Baker stopping crime dead in its tracks with a timely “sitting on the planter fence� citation!

See: Borders sidewalk ragamuffins getting ID-checks & banned from Pacific Ave. orders!
enforcing the new “you can buy, but you’d better not sit� Downtown Ordinances on Pacific Avenue.

Special Bonus Clip: Tom Noddy Juggles Downtown ! “You Can Juggle But You Better Not Sit !�

UPDATE: Because of the threatening behavior of Sgt. Baker on June 30th, only minimal video equipment was brought along. We played a tape of largely visual selections. Police, hosts, and the PTC owners left us alone. They also did not move against the tablers under the Move-Along law, leading activists to suggest that authorities have decided to ignore the activists rather than outrage community opinion by enforcing or creating law to remove them.

Jim Ross and Robert Norse still face infraction trials for "no amplified sound permit" for showing a "The Battle for the Costa Brava Planter" on June 30th. Another man faces an infraction trial for "sitting on the railing" (what was once the seating area) of the Costa Brava planter. Steve Argue and Matt Hartogh are charged with multiple misdemeanors for not moving their tables on June 23rd and July 6th. Charges against Tom Noddy the juggler have been dropped.
Poor people are still being regularly harassed for sitting down with a "donation?" sign.

HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) meets Wednesday 8:30 AM at 1107 Ocean St. (Baker's Square Restaurant). Those who want to volunteer to table downtown and work on Copwatch can call 423-HUFF (4833).

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Re: Police Silence Video on Pacific Avenue

Robert et. al,

Thanks for doing what you do. And thanks for posting the info here to indymedia.

One suggestion though, if you can, will you please post the info about a table demo or video screening BEFORE the event happens. That would really help a lot. It would be nice to get some photos of the situation. Thanx!

Re: Police Silence Video on Pacific Avenue

good work SCPD !!!

Re: Police Silence Video on Pacific Avenue

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