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Petition Sam Farr - 350,000 WMD Signers Needed by Wednesday!!!

Please pass this on!
Help us reach 3,200 signers on the petition to Congressman Farr by
Wednesday. (We're at 2,525 now.) Invite your friends and family to join
the campaign by clicking below to send them an email.

Spread the Word
Dear MoveOn member,

It's exciting: the campaign to get to the bottom of the Bush
administration's distortion of evidence on Iraq is really taking off. Over
330,000 of us have signed the petition asking Congress to investigate --
already one of our largest petitions ever. We'll be delivering another
batch of comments to the House of Representatives on Wednesday, and we know
many House staff are excited and moved by what MoveOn members have sent
thus far. And since we launched this campaign on Thursday, 11
Representatives have become co-sponsors of legislation for an

If we work together, we can hit 350,000 signers by Wednesday, and really
impress Congress. But we'll need your help. 2,525 people have already
signed the petition to Congressman Farr. Our goal is to hit 3,200; we can
do it if everyone who signed brings in a few more people. Please take a
moment to forward the message below to your friends, and urge them to sign
on now at: .

On Thursday, we also launched a new hard-hitting "Misleader" TV ad which
asks whether the president misused intelligence to make the case for war.
The ad says, "George Bush told us Iraq was a nuclear threat. He said they
were trying to purchase uranium. That they were rebuilding their nuclear
facilities. So we went to war. Now, there’s evidence we were misled. And
almost every day, Americans are dying in Iraq. We need the truth, not a
cover-up. Log on to today."

Since Thursday, the ad has appeared (for free) on the news programs of
CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, PBS, and NPR, and was covered on the Washington Post on
Friday. You can check it out at:

Please take a moment to ask your friends and family to join the call. Just
forward the message below. (Please only reach out to folks who you know
personally and who want to hear from you on this -- Spam hurts the
campaign.) Together, we can make sure that the truth on Iraq is told.

--Eli Pariser
July 14th, 2003

Here's the message to send to your friends:


Subject: WMDs: Help us reach 3,200 signers by Weds.

Dear friend,

The President took the nation to war based on his assertion that Iraq
posed an imminent threat to our country. Now the evidence that backed that
assertion is falling apart.

I've joined over 330,000 other people in calling on Congress to
investigate at 2,525 other people from our Congressional
district have already signed, but we're shooting for 3,200. Please take a
moment to help us get there by signing on at:

If the Bush administration distorted intelligence or knowingly used false
data to support the call to war, it would be an unprecedented deception.
Even if weapons are now found, it'll be difficult to justify pre-war
language that indicated that the exact location of the weapons was known
and that they were ready to deploy at a moment's notice. With a crisis of
credibility brewing abroad and the integrity of our President and our
foreign policy on the line, we need answers now.

Please ask your Representative to pledge his or her support for an open
investigation at:>

A President may make no more important decision than whether or not to
take a country to war. If Bush and his officials deceived the American
public to create support for the Iraq war, they need to be held


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Re: Petition Sam Farr - 350,000 WMD Signers Needed by Wednesday!!!

Whether you want to sign this petition or not, don't forget that is a Democratic PAC whose primary purpose is to get a Democrat elected. They aren't about justice, they aren't about peace, and they aren't about what many of us care about. Some people think that a Democratic crook and liar is better than a Republican one, that may be true, but at least let's not fool ourselves about what is devoted to.
If you're like many of us who've been acutely aware, for a quite some time now, of the lies and schemes perpetrated on us by the neocon cabal running the administration, you might feel as we do that joining the impeachment movement, is the way to go. You may already understand why the invasion and occupation of Iraq is illegal and feel that directly addressing that crime through the means provided in our constitution is more direct. It's true that supporting the impeachment movement doesn't hide the Democrats' complicity in the invasion, but a lot of us feel that looking for a way to 'get Bush' while giving Democrats a pass on abrogating their responsibility to declare war, isn't high on our list of priorities.
So, if you want to support Democrats, love Bush-bashing and want to 'get Bush', and excuse Democrats for their vote on H.J. Res 114, go ahead and sign their petition. But if you're more devoted to truth and justice than you are partisan, care about restoring honor to this nation, and don't think any president from any political party ought to be able declare war whenever he/she thinks it's right, then join us in impeaching Bush.


If you happen to visit's website, have a look at what they are calling 'Profiles In Courage' and their claim that these people are 'standing up for Americans'. It's chock full o' pro-war gutless wonders that caved under sleazy patriotism-questioning pressure from the White House.
There are courageous Democrats that deserve support, but MoveOn's list is laughable.


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