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chain of cause and effect

The truth about WMD
Bush can't help it

Tenet is to blame for it

but Tenet can't help it

Blair is to blame for it

but Blair says he can't help it

Berlusconi is to blame for it

but Berlusconi says he can't help it

The French are to blame for it.

Don't hold on this pubescent monkey business because we know the person who has caused these incidents.

It is this crazy former U.S.student with this suspect name Ibrahim al-Marashi who wrote this awful and sneaking dossier so

this poor hocused folks Bush and Blair had to raid iraq and kill over 15.000 evil crimes. He collaborate with Al Kaida and

Bin Ladin for this diabolic plan to lure this great nations into a trap. He is responsible for averaged daily 10-25 attacks

against the glory U.S. troops and maybe he also had planned the attack on 9.11. The glory secret services are now hot on his


He is the personification of Satan and the worlds biggest terrorist.

God bless us!

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Re: chain of cause and effect

you're messed up


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