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What is legal, and what is not?

What is the difference in making a law, following it, and abusing it. If You still do not know, better find out now, before it is too late.

Finnish Legal System judges have tried to force people behave according to their own needs (id est subjection), even it means braking the Law. Judges make deliberate false judgment to harm Finnish Small and Middle Sized Business.

Our Legal System is one of the few reasons - besides huge employment cost and high taxation - causing Finnish Businessmen loosing their property in Finland. Finnish Businessmen are seeking to travel else, like any reasonable person would do.

Lawyers, solicitors and judges brake and violate law via their 'old boy network' to make illegal money and property to themselves. Finland is too small nation and people have already made their mind up, who is the Boss around, even it means braking the Law and committing crimes.

These are the true reasons, why Finnish Businessmen are seeking opportunities on abroad; no one want to make the effort to some layer, so he could cheat your Business and money from You. However, this is the case and has been during the last 15 years in Finland.

Even several events have been reported together with the Finnish Enforcement Law Code -analyze to organizations like C.I.A., U.S. have not been able to stop members of the Finnish Police Force or Lawyers tearing down Businessmen or Citizen. High Police Commissioners and Legal System Judges among lawyers and solicitors are fooling both Businessmen and Citizen in Finland.

Nation were Police Force REFUSES to make a report from a stolen property or a Business Fraud is no longer 'a justice nation', it has become a nation formed and rules by a bunch of renegades, who are nothing but criminals. When these crimes have turned out be systematic, then the nation has become either a potential dictatorship, or a severe hidden terrorist threat were under the surface someone from Government is tuning a bomb.

When Members of Police Force enter You very own HOME and let a stranger enter such a place to collect Your property, and the Police Commissioner can not see any Crime in his action, then I think we are talking about Finland as 'a sinking boat'. I do not know can You imagine how does it feel like to loose a home, but if You like to try it, then You are always welcome to Finland! I suppose that explains both sides, why Finland is so eager to hunt more 'work force' in Finland from abroad.
And the boat is filled more than half, when judges and layers join to a Law Deceptions, were in violating Commercial Law Code other people fraud their own brother's son. - In some nation it would be considered a blood crime against You own Family.

When Police, Legal System, part of the Civil Officials and common are corrupted badly, that one has to be prepared to carry illegal gun with him to be able to protect himself, then I think this boat should had sank a long time ago.

So dear fellow businessmen, do we care any longer these values? In the old days people used to had and respected some values like home, wife, few children and naturally car. In Finland these people have done bad things without getting any response. Does C.I.A. let these people walk free or will they have to pay the price? - You tell me. And if the C.I.A. is not able to protect Businessmen, then are the U.S.A. Businessmen able to protect themselves?

Finland is not secure nation to invest. It is only mater of time, when these very same people start robbing the property belonging to Foreign Businessmen.
Feeding such a government would lead only to a chaos in the end. We both do know, that it would be silly to ask not to invest. Just be careful there and remember there is no legal way to return You property in Finland.

At the end, we may ask 'am I doing money for the corrupted Finnish Lawyers or Finnish Police Force, or to myself?', and I know the answer is 'at least not the them'.

I am proud to say these things and publish this article, even according to Finnish Law I could even prosecuted for it. However, I have already one solicitor and a lawyer, who both have send a clear message 'it is a pity' and 'they have committed crimes by acting so'. And I do think it is every man's right to carry a weapon to be able to protect oneself, since people never seem to learn.

And since everyone is blaming Jewish people these days, should I ask 'is it the Jewish people, who's fault this is?. At least haven't seen You genuine priest for a long time, just good fakes.

LANG; US God Bless The United States Of America.
LANG; UK God Save the Queen.

Åke Tyvi
Curatores Ltd.

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