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The Painful Truth Comes Out

California Democrats busted plotting against the people via
The media is not talking about it. You
won't see it on Headline News, or the
Los Angeles Times. It's hush-hush on the
major networks. They think they're safe.

But the California Democrats are busted.
More busted than a crack dealer in a
room full of vice cops. They thought
they were whispering their plan against
the people in a quiet back room, in the
darkness where they like to hide, but
they weren't.

Democrats from the California Assembly
made a major faux-pas when they forgot
to shut off the internal microphone that
filters conversation and debate
throughout the capital. Try this on for

"The question that I have, is that- and
I go back to both '92 and to '78- when
people never saw that, they never got to
see really up front and close what Prop
13 really did. Because what we did in
education was is that teachers started
subsidizing their classrooms, and we cut
out art and we cut music and we cut out
drama and we cut sports in some areas
and, cut out tutoring and [inaud]
teachers and we raised class size. And
people thought: look, schools are still
open, this didn't hurt anyone. Some of
us are thinking that maybe people should
see the pain up close and personal,
right now."

That was California Assemblymember
Jackie Goldberg of Hollywood. She was
admitting what the Democrats have been
doing to create pain within the citizens
of the state in order to fuel and pass
their agenda.

The education reference that was made
had sparked many a public service
campaign to bring the arts back into
schools, how the lack of music, drama,
and other forms of expression creates a
downfall of skill in providing children
with the tools of individuality.

Now they admit they created the
situation, and are using it to push our
buttons as voters. They want Rider vs.
San Diego County, which led to the
necessity of a 2/3 vote in order to
raise taxes abolished, so they can use
simple majority to raise, a much easier

They also discussed the fiscal crisis
California is in, and from the excerpts
available to the public here, the
California Democrats are basically
pleased with themselves that the state
is in crisis financially, because they
believe it will help their political
agenda. They even go so far as to
verbally declare it.

So, what we have learned here today is
that a group of people verified below
were in on this discussion. From the
excerpts we have, we know this has been
continual. For Herb Wesson, the
ringleader of the Democratic Caucus and
Speaker of the House to deny
responsibility and try to spin this as a
fringe group is a fallacy, if not an
outright lie. He is in charge of the ring,
he is the leader. Thus, he could not help
but know the agenda.

We thought we had lawmakers, instead, we
have a vacant lot of middle-aged
schoolchildren. This is apparently a
popularity contest to them more than a
government of the people. This is apparent
in the fact that California now has to
recall a governor for roughly the same

This is denigrating and insulting to the
taxpaying voter, who is being addressed and
treated as a simple rube in order to give
the "popular kids" power. The power which,
in effect, creates issues such as the
energy crisis, a series of spending
increases totaling $49 billion dollars, tax
increases such as a tripling of the vehicle
tax, and blatant lies regarding the budget.
We haven't even addressed the fact that
this group intentionally harmed our
children by removing art, music, drama, and
other programs from our schools in addition
to creating many of the overcrowding
situations and degradation in the quality.
All so they could stay in office.

California Democrats think you are a
bleeding idiot. Plain and simple. You have
it from the horses' mouths, so there is no
possible way to logically deny this fact.

But are Republicans the answer? Someone had
to join in to pass these heinous
legislative pieces of driftwood they
discuss. Since there weren't any
Libertarians to raise a stink and inform
the public, there is only one other
culprit, the Conservatives.

Who was it that actually sued the
government and created the enactment of a
2/3 vote before a tax increase could be
enacted? It wasn't Republicans, neither was
it a Democrat. The people that fought the
system, to make it fairer to us, the
people, was in fact, Richard Rider, a

Who are the first groups to battle any kind
of tax increase in California? Same answer,

There is an opportunity for the citizen to
do their proper duty. This duty provides
them with the progressive social advances
the state needs for all citizens, and the
money handling that will lead to more money
in the taxpayers' pockets, as well as
easier ways to spend that new income in a
manner they choose and desire.

The faces you see, of Wesson, Dymally,
Berg, Laird, Jackson, Nunez, Levine,
Goldberg, and Lowenthal, are what you need
to think about in November of 2004 inside
the voting booth.

Remember this travesty and betrayal. Recall
it into your mind every day until Election
Day. Do it for yourself, but more importantly, recall this incident for your children.

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Re: The Painful Truth Comes Out

Wow, it's hard to imagine an analysis as far off the mark as the one you've made. Perhaps one has to be old enough to remember the dramatic effect that proposition 13 had on California. What Jackie Goldberg was saying when she said 'we cut this' and 'we cut that' she was speaking about the cuts that were made because of the loss in revenue from prop. 13. She noted that the public didn't realize and still hasn't realized, the effect prop. 13 had because teachers were so good-natured as to make up the loss out of their own pockets. If something should concern you about quote you posted, it ought to be the last line, in which she strategizes that perhaps finding a way to make people feel the actual pain of the policies of the rich and stingy would be a way to drive home the effect those policies have. Those rich and stingy folks who are only too happy to become millionaires and billionaires without contributing anything of substance to society at large, who make their money often completely as a result of the design of the system, and then who are unwilling to chip in to help those who aren't so fortunate as to be able to use that system to accumulate vast wealth.

Re: The Painful Truth Comes Out


I certainly am old enough, however, I was in the service of our nation at the time. If this is in fact a misquote, then why havve they not even attempted to fix this?

Why use the state budget as a tool to combat the voting public into submission?

And lastly, why push for a 55% vote to increase taxes, instead of working to normalize the budget we currently need?

I'd like to hear your comments on this, and what you would suggest. Personally, I don't trust the Democrats OR the Republicans to fix the issue.

And, lastly, if this is a misquote, I apologize. However, the intent was to make the public fiscally feel burden in regard to political losses, and that is the point here. It is verified by a desire to overturn Rider vs. County of San Diego.


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