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Warning: People Enjoying Music and Eating, Without Spending Money, While on Pacific Ave!

The afternoon of Monday, July 28th, was filled with music and enjoyment on at least one street corner of Pacific Ave. A four piece 'Jug Band' got people dancing while Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs (Comida sin Bombas) fed people's hungry bellies.
Posted above are five photos from a span of a couple hours I spent on the corner of Pacific and Cooper in downtown Santa Cruz. People were having fun and eating well thanks to a traveling 'Jug Band' and Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs.

I do not know much about SC Food not Bombs (or other chapters of FnB), but from what I understand they collect "left over" food from local farmers, stores, and sometimes dumpsters and then prepare and cook that food in a local kitchen.

Food is then delievered via bicycle to pre-arranged locations which are mainly publicized word of mouth. A this particular Food not Bombs serving people feasted on a stir-fry, salad, bread, and juice. It all tastes pretty damn good, especially to the people that are very hungry, which is many, if not most, of the people receiving the food.

SC-FNB is currently serving downtown three days a week:

Mondays: 4:00pm - Pacific @ Cooper

Wednesdays: 4:00pm - Farmer's Market on Cedar

Saturdays: 3:00pm - Clock Tower (Pacific & Water)

- - -

What is Food Not Bombs?

Food Not Bombs believes that society and government should value human life over material wealth. Many of the problems in the world stem from this simple crisis in values. By giving away food to people in need in public places, we directly dramatize the level of hunger in this country and the surplus of food being wasted. We also call attention to the failures of this society to support those within it while funding the forces of war and violence, including the police. We are committed to the use of non-violent direct action to change society. It is by working today to create sustainable institutions that prefigure the kind of society we want to live in, and that build a vital and caring movement for progressive social change.

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Alert: City and Merchants May be Planning Attack on Sidewalk Free Food Servers

Warning: Last Wednesday, scuttlebutt has it, merchants held a special "Get Rid of Street Food Serving" meeting on the mall. Keith Holtaway, (former?) owner of Pizza my Heart and head of the Downtown Association (DTA) confirmed yesterday that this issue is up for discussion.

They may be planning to repeat the infamous efforts of the City in 1988-89 (and again in 1993) when they moved to harass, arrest, and prosecute food servers to further gentrify the downtown. The pretext for this will be "the health and dignity of the homeless".

Those interested may want to check into meetings of the Downtown Association, which has open public meetings (after being forced to do so by state law) at 1126 Pacific Ave. 2nd floor. The meeting of the Hosts management group is Monday August 4 at 8:30 AM. The meeting of the DTA Social and Legislative Committee is August 6th (Wednesday) at 9 AM.

Food Not Bombs can be reached at 425-3345.


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