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40+ arrested protesting Israel's Apartheid Wall

As of early this morning the IDF illegally arrested over 40 internationals, Palestinians and Israelis that were gathered at the Mas'ha peace camp trying to peaceably block the building of the Apartheid Wall
report 1) 2:30AM 5min 13sec
report 2) 6:54AM 6min 8sec
ISM230amwallactionarrests5aug03.mp3 (920 k)
Early this morning the IDF illegally arrested 47 Internationals as well as Palestinians that were gathered at the Mas'ha peace camp trying to peaceably block the building of the Apartheid Wall. One of the Internationals has cracked ribs. Israeli peace activists went to the site and 8 of them have now been detained. Near the camp, the house of one family will be trapped between the wall, if built, and the fence surrounding the neighboring settlement. The international detainees are being threatened with deportation, and three arrestees (including one Palestinian) have been formally charged with "violent assault." All detainees are being held at Ariel police station. Please call the numbers below to demand their immediate release.


Ariel Police station:

Police officers Hyam and Barem:

Israel Contact Israeli Minister of Interior:
Tel: 011-972-2-670-1648 or 011-972-2-629-4701;
Fax: 011-972-2-629-4750

In the US: Contact your congressperson, the State
Department and the White House using this link. or

Also call the State Department and demand action.
STATE DEPARTMENT (202)647-5150

Israeli Foreign Minister, Silvan Shalom:
Fax: 011-972-2-5303704

Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz:
Fax: 011-972-3-6916940, 6976990

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: Fax: (011-972-2) 566-4838
or 651-3955 or 651-2631

Israeli Embassy in DC: (202) 364-5527

The mayor of Qalqilya explains the impact of Israel's apartheid wall

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ISMarresteereport2final654am5aug03.mp3 (1081 k)

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