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August 10, Sunday, 2003
1:30 PM Rally and 3 PM march around Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab.
Rally at William Payne Park 5800 Patterson Pass Rd., at Vasco (from 580 exit onto Vasco and
head south) in Livermore (50 miles East of San Francisco).

For Santa Cruz carpool and organizing information, contact the Resource Center for Nonviolence at 831-423-1626.

Sunday Aug 10 at 1:30 PM: Rally, March and Ceremonies.

Nuclear weapons represent the ultimate form of violence and enforce U.S.
military and economic policy abroad. The U.S. continues to design and
develop new and exotic nuclear weapons despite a global consensus to
abolish nuclear weapons.

20 years ago, over five thousand people demanded global disarmament by
holding their hands around the Livermore nuclear weapons lab. Come to
Livermore on August 10 or send a hand for peace to demand an end to the
of new and modified nuclear weapons and other dangerous work including:

* The Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator- a new nuclear bomb, which if used
could generate large amounts of radioactive dust;

* The design and development of "mini-nukes", tailored for use in the
open-ended "war on terror"; and

* A new biowarfare agent research facility that will genetically modify
aerosolize deadly agents including plague and live strains of anthrax.
is part of Livermore Lab's role in the new Department for Homeland

Hands Around the Lab is part of a national series of actions from August
1-11, which are planned to mark the anniversaries of the horrific bombing
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The bombings were August 6 and 9, 1945.
This year's actions are organized in protest of the Bush Administrationís
aggressive military policies abroad and its erosion of civil liberties at
home and to demand the global abolition of nuclear weapons.

* $6.4 billion is requested for nuclear weapons activities in 2004, one
a half times more than Cold War spending.

* Education, health care and many other social services are being cut to
pay for weapons and tax cuts that benefit the rich.

* The U.S. has a policy of preemptive first use of nuclear weapons, even
against countries that do not have any nuclear weapons at all.

Global Disarmament Begins at Home; it's time to disarm America!

*** Hands Around Livermore Lab: Rally and March ***

Date: August 10, Sunday, 2003
Time: 1:30 PM Rally and 3 PM march around Livermore nuclear weapons lab.
Location: Rally at William Payne Park.
Address: 5800 Patterson Pass Rd., at Vasco (from 580 exit onto Vasco and
head south).
City: Livermore (50 miles East of San Francisco)


The family-friendly event begins at 1:30 PM and will feature music,
speakers and art. At 3 PM we will begin a march around the Lab. At 4 pm
there will be simultaneous ceremonies held around the Lab. The interfaith
prayers will last 10 min after which people will join hands to encircle
Lab. Bring sunscreen and water. This event is wheelchair accessible.

Speakers and Performers include: Rev. Alan Senauke, Former International
Director Buddhist Peace Fellowship; Ian Zabarte, Western Shoshone
Council Secretary of State Nuclear Specialist; Marylia Kelley, Executive
Director, Tri-Valley CAREs; David Cline, National President, Veterans for
Peace; Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran, Veterans for Peace; Damu Smith,
Black Voices for Peace; Joanna Macy, Founder, Nuclear Guardianship
Starhawk; Miguel Gavilan Molina, KPFA La Honda Bajita; William Rivers
Kelly Campbell, September 11 families for a peaceful tomorrow; Jackie
Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation; and Michael Coffey, Nuclear Age
Peace Foundation.

Ceremonies will be lead by:

Fr. Bill O'Donnell, Parish Priest, St. Joseph the Worker; Sister Stella,
Dominicans- Sacred Earth, Sacred Space; Carolyn Scarr; Pat Buchanan, Bay
Area Pax Christi; David Cooper, Kehilla Community Synagogue; Father Louie
Vitale, St. Boniface; and Shafi Refai, President United Muslims of
Interfaith Alliance.

Music by: Clan Dyken, Fariba and Singers for Peace.

PRINT OUT A FLIER (front and back), available in PDF FORMAT online at:


Driving Directions: I-580 to Vasco Road exit; go south 2 miles on Vasco.
Turn right onto Patterson Pass Road. William Payne Park is immediately on
your right. Volunteers will direct you to park.

Public Transportation: Shuttle service from Dublin/Pleasanton BART
to William Payne Park available (shuttles are not wheelchair accessible).
Transportation for wheelchairs can be arranged by calling Paratransit IN
ADVANCE at 1 (800) 555-8085.

CARPOOLS AND BUSSES (if you are organizing a carpool not listed send info
to taradorabji (at)


Oakland: LMNOP carpools meet at Lakeshore Avenue near the colonnade
12:15 and 12:45 on August 10th. See for
directions). Steve (510) 763-8712

Berkeley Buddha bus: $10 call (510) 524-7989--sooner the better (leaves
>from Ashby station).

Berkeley Bikers: 10 am - Leave Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley); 12:30 pm -
Arrive Dublin/Pleasanton BART; 1 pm - Leave Dublin/Pleasanton BART ; 2 pm
Arrive Livermore Labs. This ride is 30 or so miles and has some hills.
Bring sunscreen and adequate water. Lots of sun and wind has been strong.
Contact dress for more info. weddress (at) or 510.597.1540

Davis: (530) 792-1040 tickets for the BIODIESEL BUS ($20) and carpool

Modesto: Modesto Peace Life Center: John Lucas lucasjal (at)

Nevada City/Grass Valley: carpool (530) 265-8225

Sacramento: (916) 448-7157 tickets for the BIODIESEL BUS ($20) and

SAN FRANCISCO: War Resisters League carpools contact Jim (415) 282-6580
wrlwest (at)

SAN JOSE: Carpools organized by the San Jose Peace Center (408) 297-2299

Santa Cruz: Resource Center for Nonviolence (831) 423-1626

SAN MATEO: Carpools meet at noon at the Unitarian Universalist at 300 E.
Santa Inez and Ellsworth for more info. (650) 343-9382.

SONORA: Tuolumne County Citizens for Peace charter bus $10 contact
(209)533-4032 email tccp (at)

STOCKTON: Peace and Justice County of San Joaquin County carpool info
contact (209) 467-4455


1. If you can't come to the action -- trace your hand put your name, age
and hometown and send cutouts to:

Hands Around the Lab
2800 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA 94703

Please include your name, age and hometown.

2. Please send donations to:
Hands Around the Lab
2800 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA 94703
Make checks payable to: Livermore Conversion Project (Checks over $50 are
tax-deductible if made out to Agape)


Peace monitor volunteers needed contact (510) 663-8065
Parking logistics volunteers needed (925) 443-7148
Volunteers needed during march from 3-4pm (925) 443-7148

Contact info to volunteer or endorse the event: Tri-Valley CAREs (925)
443-7148, taradorabji (at),; Livermore
Conversion Project (510) 663-8065; California Peace Action (510)
tara (at),; and
Western States Legal Foundation (510) 839-5877


Key decisions are being made about the event. There are only 2 meetings
left and we have a lot to do! Join us at our next meeting: All meetings
at 7 PM in downtown Oakland and will be held on Thursday July 31 and
Tuesday August 5. Call (510) 663-8065 or (925) 443-7148 for location.

Volunteers Needed: Peace monitors, Outreach-flyering downtown areas,
children's entertainment, special needs, first aid materials and


African People's Solidarity Committee, Agape Foundation, Alameda County
Peace and Freedom Party, Allen Temple Baptist Church, American Friends
Service Committee, Bay Area Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu, Bay Area
Nuclear Waste Coalition, Bay Area Pax Christi, Bay Area United Against
Bay Area United for Peace & Justice, Beacon Presbyterian Fellowship,
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian-Universalists, Social Justice Committee,
Berkeley Friends Church, Berkeley Friends Meeting, Buddhist Peace
Fellowship, East Bay Chapter, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Peace Cmte,
California Peace Action, Church Women United, Northern California/Nevada,
Circle of Concern, City of Alameda Green Party, Code Pink: Women for
Common Agenda Regional Network, Congregation Or Shalom, Critical
Resistance, Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose East Bay Chapter,
Nations Association of the USA, East Bay Food Not Bombs, East Bay Peace
Action, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Ecumenical Peace Institute, El
Democratic Club, Environmentalists Against War, First Congregational
(Palo Alto) - Peace Seekers First Unitarian Church of Oakland Franciscan
JPIC Office, Fremont Catholic Community, Global Exchange, Grandmothers
Peace, Hayward Chapter, Grandmothers for Peace Int'l Office, Gray
of the East Bay, Green Party of Alameda County, Hayward Area Peace and
Justice Fellowship, Hayward Demos Democratic Club, Humanist Hall,
Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, Social Justice Alliance,
International Action Center, Labor Committee for Peace & Justice, Lake
Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace, Lamorinda Peace Group, Livermore
Conversion Project, Marin Friends Meeting, Marin Interfaith Task Force on
the Americas, Middle East Children's Alliance, Modesto Peace/Life Center,
Nevada Desert Experience, New Fellowship Church, Northern California
Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Nuclear Age
Foundation, Overview Board for Justice & Witness Ministries, Northern
California/Nevada Conference, United Church of Christ, Pax Christi
Peace and Justice Network of San Joaquin County, Peninsula Peace and
Justice Center, People's NonViolent Response Coalition, Physicians for
Social Responsibility, San Francisco Bay Area, Queers For Peace And
Justice, Rainforest Action Network, Redemptorists of Berkeley
SacramentoArea, Peace Action, Salinas Action League, San Jose Peace
Center, Santa
Cruz Friends Meeting, Social Justice Resources Office, Diocese of
Shundahai Network, South Bay Mobilization, St. Joseph the Worker Church,
Stop UCD Biolab Now, Tri-Valley CAREs, Tuolumne County Citizens for
Veterans for Peace, War Resisters League - West, Wellstone Democratic
Renewal Club, Western Shoshone Defense Project, Western States Legal
Foundation, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Peninsula
and Berkeley-East Bay Branches, Women for Peace

NONVIOLENCE GUIDELINES: Nonviolence has always been a core value of the
anti-nuclear movement. Perhaps that is because nuclear weapons represent
the ultimate form of violence. The atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima
killed some 200,000 people. Most of the 30,000 nuclear weapons in the
today have much larger explosive yields than that first nuclear weapon.
Nonviolence is more than the absence of violence. Many of us believe that
the active practice of nonviolence is a direct challenge to the violent
policies of our governments. As we extend our hands to people new to our
movement, we invite you to join us in our nonviolent direct action.

While participants in this action are not required to embrace the
philosophy of nonviolence, in order to create an atmosphere that is
welcoming and safe for all participants, including newcomers, children
families, the organizers ask you abide by the following practical
guidelines to keep the rally and march peaceful and safe.

1. We will use no violence, physical or verbal, towards any person. We
consider speech or acts that are racist, homophobic, or sexist to be

2. We will carry no weapons.

3. We will not bring or use any alcohol or illegal drugs.

4. We will not destroy property.

5. We will respect the rights of all people.

6. We will accept the legal consequences of our actions as we continue
struggle in the courts.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
by the University of California (UC) is one of the two principal U.S.
nuclear weapons design laboratories and as such, is one of the highest
security facilities in the country. It is believed that over 1,500 pounds
of plutonium is stored on site, protected by guards who have been given
"shoot to kill" orders in the case of unauthorized intruders. In these
times of heightened security, crossing the facility boundaries or
on or over the Lab fences carries an elevated risk of injury or death. In
addition, UC police over the past 20 years have consistently demonstrated
zero-tolerance policy for people who go limp at the time of arrest. If
choose to risk arrest and go limp, be aware that you risk extreme pain
possible injury. If past practice holds, in general those who choose to
risk arrest and cooperate with their arresting officers will not be
subjected to pain holds or injury.


Marylia Kelley
Executive Director
Tri-Valley CAREs
(Communities Against a Radioactive Environment)
2582 Old First Street
Livermore, CA USA 94551 - is our web site address. Please visit

(925) 443-7148 - is our phone
(925) 443-0177 - is our fax

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