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Cross border protest against free trade!

Call to action! Cross border protest against free trade!

The World Says No to the WTO

Why Mobilize to San Diego?

First, if you can, mobilize to Cancun. We must shut down the WTO.

From September 10 to 14, the World Trade Organization (WTO) will hold its Fifth Ministerial meeting in Cancun, Mexico. Pushed by multinational corporations, the United States, the European Union, and other developed countries are seeking to launch a new round of "free trade" negotiations and expand corporate globalization - further eroding human rights, workers' rights, environmental protections, and democracy - in the interest of corporate control.

If you can't make it to Cancun...

Activists in San Diego will join with popular movements in Mexico and their international allies to demand a world that puts democracy and human dignity ahead of corporate profits. Solidarity actions around the world will focus on September 13 as a Worldwide Day of Action Against Corporate Globalization and War.

The San Diego/Tijuana border is possibly the clearest symbol of the globalization of oppression. It is the gate between the first world and the third world. On one side, one of the wealthiest cities in the country, home to a huge biotechnology industry and home to the largest military concentration anywhere in the world. On another side of the border, the people directly affected by the "Free Trade" policies who are fighting to survive in poverty, and struggling to gain access to the United States.

We call on people in San Diego, California and throughout the United States to join together at the San Diego/Tijuana border on September 13th to resist the WTO and the failed model of corporate globalization, and highlight the links between militarism and "free trade," through a wide variety of creative means: teach-ins, protests, direct action, street theater, cultural events, public forums, and so on.

These September actions to derail the WTO mark a culmination of teach-ins and direct actions that occurred all summer long in San Diego and will kick off a powerful autumn campaign of action for peace and justice, involving major mobilizations for immigrant rights, against the Free Trade Area of the Americas, and against militarism and occupation.

To endorse this call to action, or for information on how to participate in the San Diego/Tijuana September 13th Mobilization, write to info (at)

*Thanks to Global Exchange for their international call-to-action.

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