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Santa Cruz Night Out - 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26

Downtown Santa Cruz will host a variety of events showcasing the diverse cultural talents on Pacific Avenue between Cathcart & Lincoln Streets.

5:00 - 8:00 pm
Pacific Ave.
Tuesday Nights in August

Dancing in the Streets, August 12th
Watch local dance performers in the street and learn a step or two as well.

Kids Night Out, August 19th
Family music, story tellers, face painting, puppetry and juggling.

A Taste of Santa Cruz, August 26th
Celebrate local farm food and chefs by tasting farm fresh cuisine.

Come be a part of Santa Cruz Night Out!
Support Santa Cruz Night Out.
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Dancing in the Streets, August 12th

Banda Together & Universal Language Salsa Bands
Salsa Dancers and Lessons
Goddesses of Funk & Samba Mamas
Motion Pacific's Scene 13
Santa Cruz Rueda
Tango Dancing
Capoeira - Brazilian Martial Arts
Haitian Dance Performance

Kid's Night Out, August 19th

Kuzanga Marimba Band
Santa Cruz Story Teller Swap - Hear stories by various tale tellers.
Children Performances by Festa's World from the Children's Learning
People's Puppet Theater
Face Painting - Jugglers

A Taste of Santa Cruz, August 26th

Farm Fresh Local Food prepared by some of Santa Cruz's finest Chefs
Strung Over Blue Grass Band
Contra Dancing
Sadza Marimba Band

Santa Cruz Night Out is a community based event downtown where families and visitors will enjoy a variety of events showcasing the diverse cultural talents of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Night Out is planned for three Tuesday nights in August from 5:00 - 8:00 pm. The purpose of Santa Cruz Night Out is to create an open-air street fair atmosphere on Pacific Avenue (between Cathcart and Lincoln Streets) for families to enjoy while invigorating downtown businesses on a weeknight.

Many in Santa Cruz are interested in events downtown that will enrich our community while helping local businesses. Recent downtown issues and the resulting negative publicity, combined with the economic downturn have taken a toll on the health of Pacific Avenue. Santa Cruz Night Out will hope to address the issues above.

Would you like to see the diverse talents of Santa Cruz displayed in your downtown? Would you like to experience downtown from a whole different perspective? Wonder what Pacific Avenue would be with less cars cruising the street and more space for the community to gather?

We are considering a "Tuesday Night Special" for a night out. Supporting Businesses have offered to share in the community spirit by offering specials on Tuesday Nights in August:

The Sock Shop
The House of Bread

Come be a part of Santa Cruz Night Out!
Support Santa Cruz Night Out.

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Re: Santa Cruz Night Out - 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26

helping local businesses??

How about helping local EMPLOYEES??? in the last year my rent has gone UP, my *local* employer has RAISED prices, but my hours have gone DOWN and, I ain't had a RAISE in two years.... I suspect many who read this will share in my frustration...

Re: Santa Cruz Night Out - 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26

The Dancing in the Streets Night Out was a great event. Tablers, dancers, musicians, an apparently sparse and relatively discreet police presence.

The Hosts at their "Downtown Information Center" next to the Del Mar Theater called the police to snitch out one activist who chalked "Downtown Surveillance Center" in English and Chinese on the sidewalk in front of the Hosts HQ. The two police officers just walked by doing nothing.

HUFF activists flung frisbees back and forth. Vice-Mayor Scott Kennedy--who authored and supported the Downtown Ordinances (bringing back the sitting-near-a-store ban in 1994 after it had been thrown out by the community and the courts) watched as twice-convicted chalkcriminal Becky Johnson chalked hopscotch patterns all over the street and distributed chalk to the kids.
(check out for "The Hopscotch Rebellion" as well as and for three articles on chalkcrime in Arizona and Hawaii

Street performers were directed to Tom Noddy's to meet to plan the September 5th and 6th Louden Nelson Center Street Performer Showcase--a Celebration of Street Performers--those who have not already been driven away by the Reilly-Porter Downtown Ordinances. (If you are a performer and want to be in the show, call Tom at 423-1021)

As I understand it, the avowed purpose of closing the street is to coax the merchants into believing they can support a more permanent pedestrian-free Pacific Avenue (or a portion of it) on a regular and permanent basis.

Attempts to get a Downtown Plaza failed when Fitzmaurice, Krohn, Sugar, and Beiers refused to press the issue at City Council. Subsequent Councils refused to close Pacific Avenue for the community (though they were happy to do so for Downtown Association events).

So now organizers have dipped into their purses to buy the public space that should have been made available freely to us all years ago. In the hope of teasing out a little cooperation and allaying the drumbeat paranoia of the merchants--who have given us unconstitutional "Move Along Every Hour" ordinances, a "Street Performers Unwelcome" 10' forbidden zone, and a blank check to police to harass in force.

The merchants do not pick up the check for the multiple targeted police citations for jaywalking, poor person walking a dog, bicycle the wrong way, and sitting on the edge of a planter. The community does. Just as it was the police department budget that funded the $6600+ movement of the fence on the Walnut Ave. planter next to the Pacific Trading Company to drive away street performers and members of the public the Heinrichs don't like.

We pay routinely huge police costs so merchants can colonize the sidewalks and drive away selected poor, performers, politicos, and homeless. Adding insult to injury, when community members sponser an inclusive event, they get billed:
Street closure fee: $300
Parking meter reimbursement: $153
Street barricades: $225
Portapotties: $450
Sound permit: $99
Police: $2040

(for the 3-hour Aug 12, 19, and 26 events) according to a sign posted on the Coalition for a Community Commons table.

The generosity of the organizers is commendable, but it's the city bureaucracy that needs to be overcome. It may well require direct action to reclaim the public space that belongs to all of us--not a small cabal of merchants, politicians, and bureaucrats at city hall.

With the Downtown Association and the City Attorney's office scheming to remove or restrict Food Not Bombs from Pacific Avenue (they've already driven away Pastor Dennis Adams of the Potters Hand), with plans afoot to privatize the only large open plaza-like area downtown (across from Cinema 9 at O'Neill's), with the City attorney's office tightening the infamous Move Along Every Hour law behind closed doors--we face the same juggernaut that's destroyed the old Pacific Garden mall after the earthquake, removed or dispersed half the benches, and is busily fencing off sections of the sidewalk and patrolling it with Bachtyl busybodies. (CSO Pam Bachtyl is the stock cop in blue who stalks the sidewalk with smile and ticketbook--the love of her life being giving tickets to sidewalk sitters and other evildoers).

Hats off to the organizers. Now let's take back the sidewalks and streets the other 6 days of the week and the other 21 hours of the day.

Re: Santa Cruz Night Out - 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26

So nice to get a Faint taste of the beauty and creativity of our town...but while we were happily enjoying, something else was going on in our skies...
The event was fun Tuesday night. It's great not having cars on the mall. I agree, LET'S TAKE BACK DOWNTOWN THE REST OF THE TIME!

Really, it's a nice gesture, but a bit pathetic. AS IF YOU CAN INSTITUTIONALIZE FREE CREATIVE EXPRESSION AND LIFE.

After trying for so long to squech the true happy nature of Santa Cruz, and killing off all signs of life here (...are we in Palo Alto yet???) now the ciy is trying to regain a semblance of normal happy life here. Nice try. But better off to let the creativity of Santa Cruz naturally and spontaneously express itself, like it did for years on our downtown mall. Now the mall belongs to the store owners not the people.

THIS IS A TOTALLY UNEXECPTABLE HOODWINK. Though this is a nice gesture, and it was really fun (after all, we need all the music and festivities possible) it is still a shadow of the real heart of Santa Cruz.

No one noticed though that there was a massive amount of chemtrails all over downtown Tuesday night. You could see them spraying everywhere.

Whoever is organizing this, tell our local government that if they don't stop this illegal spraying of chemicals without the public's knowlege and consent, that the TOURISTS and RESIDENTS of Santa Cruz are going to be notified publicly that this is going on.

When it starts costing them money due to greater public knowlege about the aerosol spray operation that is going relentlessly over our skies, maybe they'll pay attention.

Wake up. Look up.
Don't let them get away with poisoning you
and your loved ones.


We want our skies back!

We are sleeping though this virtually daily assault on us. Wake up and tell your friends!!!

Re: Santa Cruz Night Out - 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26

while we can and should be envisioning something beyond the present Santa Cruz Night Out, the sad fact is that THIS IS THE BEST WE CAN GET AT THIS TIME. There ain't gonna be no Reclaim the Streets party anytime soon, unless something has drastically changed since the last one that lasted about 20 minutes and had about 100 folks in attendance. In the mean time, until we can hopefully get more closure of cars on the avenue, we should all be going out to check out the festivities, organizing around this issue, etc. Every minute we can get a non-commercial closure on Pacific Avenue is a battle and one to be celebrated and taken advantage of. There seems plenty of opportunity to create our own play outside of the pre-arranged ones at Santa Cruz Night Out, as well as the arranged ones. Chalking in the road and playing hopscotch was a good idea, but playing frisbee in a crowded street? That's the kind of stupidity that encourages people to not support street closures or a relaxing of the Downtown Ordinances. See ya in the streets.........

Re: Santa Cruz Night Out - 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26

it is a total bull!!!
first they make it illegal for street artist musicians & activists to perform or table.
then, what do they do? create an event in which musicians & artists are welcome? too late!!!
trying to create community
when in the past few years you did everything to distroy it!
just wont work. community starts from within.
where is the santa cruz i grew up in?


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