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What is on researcher's mind?

About manipulating with mass media; short article on mass media abuse possibilities.
eference: BBC August 15th, 2003.

What Is on researcher's mind?

Time to time I stop pondering 'what do these people want to tell each other in the government or commercial mass media'? Life generally speaking seem to be in a constant chaos, were different people tell so much and still say so little, if anything, or say (first) things without thinking what they say or how they express themselves.

Information becomes an empty shell without any real content. Should we stick in something be could observe and measure, or do we allow people use their rich language to express freely their own ideas and opinions? On the other hand, even the idea of communicating only with pure information would be suitable only to most driest members of informatics. And some robots too, possibly even to MIT or Technical University folks in their restricted context of science - you see, unfortunately the concept of life is a bit more complex we usually understand it, and technocrats way of saying things usually causes confusion among humanists. And vice versa.

We form our opinion based on our cultural background, upbringing, economical and social background, our educational level, life experiences and real life stories, not to forget our extent of understanding. And usually our understanding becomes better, when we grow up, since during people's life cycle they are usually able to meet some realities of life (e.g. wars, conflicts etc. simple facts of life making you think differently).

When writing down an article and publishing it to people, one must bear in mind, that people do interpret the read text differently; having watched BBS's documentation on second Word War, do not (necessary) mean, that United Kingdom would be provocative towards Germany or any other nation simply because telling their version of this unfortunate conflict. - Smart people usually filter both propaganda and ideological brain wash attempts (Reference: Military psychologist Wähter), and most cleverest people pass on the word to do so.

It all in your and my mind, how we understand and interpret these things. Thus, it is very important, to think, what people really want to say, when they tell you something they think it is worth of publishing. Simply saying insulting things is provocative, but telling the bases as absolute facts may insult but facts will remain.

People must start seeing things; if some news feed releases 24 hour per day articles on police crimes (e.g., then how a researcher, who would release his point of view, is provocative and news feed house not? It is all in your mind; how you understand it and how you express yourself.

It is true, that there are no way of controlling people, but if they will never be told, then how could they make their mind up?

More people understand what is going on around, and I hope they start carrying responsibility. People made theories usually work only in ideal environment; you may control you own thoughts, but by far, only God may see what going on other man's mind? I hope this was the answer you wanted (reference: BBC). I may be stupid, but I hope I did not insult you or any other technocrat.

Politics usually differ from facts, and in protecting human life every mistake is unforgivable.

Adult Student of Engineering

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