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Impeach Bush and Dump the Local Bushettes !

Demo and Chow at 5:15 PM outside City Hall today Friday August 15. Right before the 5:30 p.m. Impeach Bush rally, and the 6:30 Farr at City Council meeting.
Don’t cut out the heart of Santa Cruz; Chop from the Top: Retire the bureaucratic bosses who have run the City of the last decade !

Speak Out Against Two Wars! 5:15 PM Friday August 15 outside City Hall.

Weary Warriors: Grab some Grub and then Confront Rep. Farr and the City Council!

$65 billion for the Iraq war; Only $18 billion is needed to end homelessness in the U.S.!

SCPD funding up $1.7 million, but major cuts for social service in Santa Cruz !

Ask Farr why he refuses to call for U.S. Troops Out of Iraq as Kucinich and Kerry have !
Ask Reilly & Kennedy where they hid the “U.S. Out of Iraq? Resolution buried last April

Why are squads of police issuing jaywalking, sitting-on-a-planter, and bicycle tickets?
Why are snitches in purple “Host? uniforms acting like the hall monitors of Pacific Ave.?

Support Steve Argue, facing 2 years in jail and $2300 fines for having a political table downtown at the Pacific Trading Company for more than an hour. Pre-trial 10 AM September 11th at 701 Ocean St.

Bring your questions, bring your signs, bring your appetites!

Clothing optional. Bring your own herb.

Downtown-for-All Restore a vibrant Santa Cruz through direct peaceful mass action.

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Re: Impeach Bush and Dump the Local Bushettes !

Arrest Norse. Strip his citizenship. Send him to a Siberian Gulag. That would be peace.

Re: Impeach Bush and Dump the Local Bushettes !

Robert Norse is doing awesome work. Thank you Robert.

Re: Impeach Bush and Dump the Local Bushettes !

Couldn't it just be that some people don't like what Robert or his cronies do? What they "stand" for? Just because someone disgrees doesn't mean that they are paid to spread disinformation, or whatever you think (Mr. Chemtrails, you are so obvious!).

Re: Impeach Bush and Dump the Local Bushettes !


The post you refer to I chose to delete, as I can see it was a mis perception. I stand corrected. thank you.

I do wonder though why "some people don't like what Robert or his "cronies" do. What DO they stand for Jerry? It appears that they are standing for exposing the police state tactics being used here in Santa Cruz to oppress homeless folks, musicians, and those who are outspoken against police oppression in our town. What do you think?

Re: Impeach Bush and Dump the Local Bushettes !

I stand for rational arguments and positive change. I have never seen this from Mr. Norse, nor those that he generally associates with. I personally do NOT believe that the sleeping ban should be lifted; I think it's an unrealistic goal, and will never solve the problem of homelessness, only make it so that everyone has to step over people wherever they go in town. I refer back to the partial lifting of the ban in the westside several years back that ended in disaster- used needles, bottles, defecation, etc... Unfortunately, sometimes stereotypes and common perceptions turn out to be true (in cases), and that causes a slip in the argument. I know that I, for one, will fight any attempt to lift the sleeping ban after seeing what happened that time. Instead, while they (you?) have fought a useless battle that is clearly more for personal pleasure and egomania than actually DOING anything to ease the homeless situation, the city has broken ground on a new shelter, and outreach efforts all over the county are being increased. Additionally, I find that his "battles" are hypocritical, since homelessness and poverty are much larger issues in the Pajaro Valley and Watsonville. I've never seen him in any capacity at any event or meeting in that area, where the need is so great, which makes me think that he and his ilk aren't interested in solving problems, just causing them. I could keep going on, but one last issue is Ms. Becky Johnson's position (well-known) on the struggle between Palestinians and Israelis. I cannot stress enough how rediculous it is that she believes that things like armed roadblocks, curfews, bulldozing of homes and apartment buildings; blocking access to healthcare and basic services; etc that are brought daily upon Palestinians as mere inconveniences that aren't that big of a deal, but will scream that the moving of a railing along a planter is an infringment of human, civil and constitutional rights. Can anyone explain that to me? When you look at their "work" on behalf of the homeless that has lead to no changes or improvement in the lives of the homeless; when you look at the sheer hypocrisy of their positions; and when you realize that they have no sense of proportion, I think it's plain to see (as do most residents of Santa Cruz) that he and his cronies are nothing more than narcissistic self-promoters who are addicted to conflict and public attention. As for my feelings about the police, sure they step over the line at times, but they are actively prodded on by Mr. Norse, Mr. Argue, and others. I have seen it with my own eyes- they act like the younger sibling that will taunt the older sibling, then cry to their mom when they are hit. I have no sympathy for them, since they seem to enjoy eliciting the very responses that they deem wrong. I hope this is clear, and of course there will be misstatements and ommissions here, it's not a space for exhaustive critique, but that is how I feel. And I appreciate your changes to your previous post.


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