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Shoplifting Arrest on Pacific Ave.

3 SCPD Officers press a shoplifting suspect to the sidewalk during an arrest despite a search revealing no stolen items.
MOV00215.MPG (1342 k)
Santa Cruz, Ca. -- Michael Danko was arrested Aug. 26 2003 by Officer Phelps, Officer Albert, and Officer Terry in front of Borders Books when a worker from the New Leaf Market accused him of theft. Officers questioned, searched, handcuffed and arrested Danko then pinned him to the sidewalk prior to taking him to jail. He was booked for theft and released on his O.R. His arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 16 2003 at 8:00 am.

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'Excessive Force'

'The video footage shows excessive force by two of Santa Cruz\'s \'finest\'. Was that necessary for such a dangerous a crime (shoplifting)? What do they do to kids who break a window playing baseball (cause costly repair)?'

'Something odd about the audio.'

'Where is the street noise? Studio-like echo? \n

\nYou need some video preceding this clip to understand what was going on. If he was handcuffed and under control (not trying to run away) then it would be excessive force.'


'To: Jeramy'

'You imply that you know something that\'s not being said. If you were there and have facts to report then report them.'


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