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'Medea Benjamin speaks at Veterans Hall'

'Medea speaks to sold out crowd at the Vets hall in a benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz 96.3fm and Global Exchange.
She talks about her time in Iraq and the work of Occupation Watch. Thanks to all the community support!\n\nSpeech: Stream or Download\nQ and A: Stream or Download'

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'Medea Benjamin on the air'

'In case you missed the talk it will be broadcast on FRSC 96.3 FM Tune In This Sunday at 4pm to hear the entire program including Q&A.'


'Thanks for bringing Medea to Santa Cruz FRSC.'

'Kay Report'

'So you read an article in the wall street journal. So what. This report has been interpreted endlessly in the press. I\'d advise you to read further rather than cite one of the most servile newspapers in the spin machine.'


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