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'Start the new year with a better parade'

'Was it just me or did anyone else get a hollow feeling at the parade downtown. Leading of with a ‘new leaf market’ banner? Whose idea was it to completely and blatantly commercialize the whole thing? I didn’t feel a thing until the beach flats soccer players came along. Here’s a better first night parade:'
'A night where everything that’s usually banned on the mall is on parade.\n\nKick off with a contingent of dogs from the lighthouse field with people carrying those blue deoderized poopy bags. That would be an improvement over that guy who was carrying around that poor little bunny and shoving him into every pair of sticky hands along the way. Who is that guy anyway? \n\nNext come the floats filled with political tables. Since they are moving down the middle of the street they are clear of any distance or time requirements. All we’d really need are a few carts with wheels here. Nothing fancy.\n\nThere could be a group of ‘repeat mall offenders for a happy new year’. They could march with their parole officers or even with the store owners that called the cops on them. \n\nRight about here we’d need some music. If I were organizing this thing I’d put them on platforms pulled by bicycles that don’t stop at stop signs. Can’t hold up the parade for trifling irrelevancies.\n\nFinally we’d have the sleeping bag contingent. Since the parade end tends to jam up and clog the street anyway

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