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'Santa Cruz Earth First! Climb Training on Sunday'

'there will be a climb training on sunday. meet at the Union (120 union street in downtown santa cruz) at 11am.'
'EARTH FIRST! CLIMB TRAINING\n\nCome to our climb training this Sunday (weather permitting) where we will be teaching basic rope climbing and tree girthing skills that can be useful in defense of our forests! We will be meeting at Union Cafe at 11:00am and at Pogonip City Park at 11:30am where we will go until we are done.\n\nEquipment required to climb will be provided. All you need to bring is weather-appropriate clothing and a desire to protect the last remaining wild places. Bringing some food and water would also be recomended.\n\nThe Pogonip entrance where we will be meeting is located at the end of Golf Club Drive off of River Road.\n\nThe Union Cafe is located at 120 Union Street in downtown Santa Cruz.\n\nSee you there!'

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'Re: Santa Cruz Earth First! Climb Training on Sunday'

'Will there be a free-fall training and fractured pelvis first-aid training as well?'


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