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The Future is Ours! Anarchist Youth Convergence

Anarchism. Activism. Agitation. Hardcore Punk. Reclaim The Streets. Food Not Bombs. Stencils. Poetry. Drums. Wheatpasting. Bikes. Protest Tactics. Ninjas.
...and much, much more! On March 6th & 7th we will descend upon Palo Alto, CA to set the sparks, share the tinder, and fan the flames that carry our dreams. We've sleepwalked through our lives, trapped in highschools, behavior modification facilities, and prisons. Isolated and afraid, we've been forced to consume their culture, ideology, and exploitation. In our evironmental clubs, punk scenes, and streets we've fought, just to recieve another blank stare at customer relations, city hall, and the police station. And every morning we awake, alienated, to find our world paved in concrete, our hearts trapped inside. But as each day wears on, our blood begins to boil, and every new McDonalds, NikeTown, and Starbucks brings more plate glass. And like our dreams, bricks are never in short supply. So we will converge to organize, network, and build our communities; to share our knowledge, live our dreams, and prepare to defend them. And whenever we happen upon the last guardians of capitalism, the state, and heirarchy, we will look them in the eye and scream loud enough to shatter their windows, "Fight if you will, but you've already lost: The future is ours!"

For information, registration, schedules, directions, and transportation: thefutureisours (at)
Include: Name/alias, location, age, affiliation (if applicable)
Tell us: If you would like to give a workshop (on anything!), perform (anything!), or need help with a street reclaimation (ninja... anything!)
Housing, vegan food, and some transportation will be provided.

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Re: The Future is Ours! Anarchist Youth Convergence

The future is ours to the extent that we live up to our highest dream; that is to say treat others how we want to be treated and performing actions that leave our future karmically free.

Re: The Future is Ours! Anarchist Youth Convergence

Awesome, i am doing an identical get together for the same reasons. Although people of all ages are welcome to particpate in laying out the foundations to a healthy Anarcho scene where we dont have to staple our mouths shut in conformity.I just wanted to get to know other moevemnts around the world and one so close to us makes it seems like we can really pull something together nationally and globally. Up The Fuckin Punk and Up the Activism within all of us. Unite!

Re: The Future is Ours! Anarchist Youth Convergence

Sorry for all the typos and errors, i was a bit "sedated"


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