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Marxism and Theory

New issue of Bad Subjects.

Marxism & Theory Issue

This issue of Bad Subjects is not so much about re-thinking Marx as it is grounding our understanding of the world not only in a materialist, historicized method, but also in the more general reminder that Theory (poststructuralist post-Marxism) cannot nor will it ever be able to transform for the better a world that we're seeing day by day slipping into barbarism. Rather, the essays collected here question a locatable power of capitalism to push for the maintenance of true democratic rights. They collectively form a critique of those who formulate a utopian power-is-nowhere-and-resistance-is-everywhere Theory where any type of cultural phenomena, from playing music to the film Jackass become forms of social and political critique and resistance. The issue includes essays by Frederick Aldama, JC Meyers, Mrinalini Chakravorty, Manuel Yang, Robert Soza, Elizabeth Krassnof Levy, McKenzie Wark, and an interview with Saskia Sassen.

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