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Israelis fire at infant

Palestinian children and homes are shot at by Israeli army.
7 February 04, by Mohammed, in Rafah, Gaza, Palestine


Israeli soldiers opened fire at an infant.. Mohammed Yahia Duhair, less than two years old, was injured in his neck.. As the Israeli newspaper Yadioutt Ahranoot mentioned yesterday, Palestinian homes were being shot at every day by the Israeli Army. It also mentioned the injured child, and mentioned Abdelkader Abu Alaof (32), who was injured in his leg during the shelling in Tal Zourb area.

Shelling, shooting and demolishing houses continue up till this moment. The shelling came when two Israeli bulldozers fell into a deep hole which was dug up by Israeli bulldozers a few days ago in Qeshta Area in Rafah Refugee Camp.

Gaza City

They killed him while on his way to his school. Tareq Al Susi (11) was killed by an F16 as it raided Al Wehda Street in Gaza City today at 10:30AM targeting one of the leaders in Gaza City. Over 13 people were injured; three of them are school students who get injured while they were going to their schools. the targeted area was crowded with school students, and people..

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Re: Israelis fire at infant

But, of course no mention of the children killed by Palestinian homicide bombers on buses, etc. The difference is, if the Israelis could have avoided killing a child (why waste a bullet?) they would have. Can the Palestinians say the same?


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