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Oxygen Collective Tour coming to Your City?

Read more to learn about the O2 Collective's April Fire & Forests Roadshow and how to get us to your school or town.
Dear Friend of Wild Places,

This April the Oxygen Collective will be traveling the West Coast from Central California to Washington State aboard our forty-foot biodiesel bus for a three week Fire & Forests Roadshow. We will be stopping at ten universities along the way to talk about the Bush Administration's plan to cut the largest timber sale in modern history in the heart of one of North America's most precious gems of biological diversity: the Biscuit Salvage logging proposal in the Rogue-Kalmiopsis. We are contacting you now because we are looking for individuals and organizations that are interested in hosting us in cities along our route. We are now accepting proposals that demonstrate interest in our program and solid allies to help us with outreach and on-site organizing.

In July 2002, the 500,000 acre Biscuit Wildfire burned through the remote Kalmiopsis area of the Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon and northern California. This lightning-caused fire burned naturally in a typical mosaic pattern that diversifies habitat and provides a natural check on disease and insect outbreaks. The United States Forest Service is now using this as an opportunity to push through a logging project that could result in a string of full log trucks long enough to stretch bumper to bumper from San Diego to the Canadian border.

The fire perimeter encompasses an area that is a biological hotspot of rare and unique species, wild rivers and complex geology. There is little doubt that the Siskiyou National Forest this summer will be the national focal point of citizen protest to protect our public lands from the irresponsible greed of timber barons and the irresponsible collusion of our Federal land management agencies. The Oxygen Collective is preparing for the summer by educating and empowering university students throughout the West.

Each destination on our tour will include a non-stop series of presentations, trainings and strategy sessions. There will be music, theatre and multimedia events as well as classroom presentations, interviews and a little bit of partying.

The only problem is that there are more worthy destinations than time allows. Therefore we are asking interested groups to complete the attached questionnaire to describe how their school would respond to us coming.

We are looking for interested organizers that have the time, energy, skills and connections to assure that our two days at your school will be a big success. We will choose the ten strongest proposals we receive.

Please look over the questions and contact us right away if things need more explaining. We look forward to seeing you this spring on campus and this summer in the woods! The questionnaires must be emailed to proposals (at) by February 24.

We'll let all applicants know of our funding status and final decisions by March 1.

Thanks for your efforts. We hope to hear from you soon.


We travel in a Greyhound tour bus that functions as a mobile center for activism and outreach. The bus runs on vegetable oil-based biodiesel fuel and is outfitted with a full kitchen, a small sound system, a gasoline generator and large banners for messaging on three sides. Our primary needs for a successful stop include a good location with multimedia capacity for our presentation, networking with local groups to create a buzz before we arrive, and outreach in the form of flyering, posting the event on local calendars and media etc.

The tour will last from approximately April 1 thru April 21. We will spend two days at each stop. The beginning of the first day will involve travel to your location. We will set up and outreach that afternoon and have our big event on the first evening. This will need to take place in a large multi-media theatre-style room.

The second day our collective will split its energy in different directions. We would like to speak to as many classes as possible. We will be offering trainings on subjects like alternative media, grassroots organizing, forest politics, and civil disobedience. We would also like to offer interviews with campus and community media or for related student projects.

The second evening may be given over to socializing on or off-campus and all the connections and brainstorming that can come from informal gathering.

So, our questions for you:

Who are the principle organizers for your event?

Describe the principle sponsoring group, faculty and other groups that will likely be involved in organizing.

Are there community members or organizations from outside the university that will be involved?

What will you do to promote the event?

Describe the likely venue for the presentation and for the trainings.

How many people do you expect at the presentation and at the trainings?

What opportunities to speak to classes are likely?

Are there days between 4/1 and 4/21 that will not work? Any pairs of days that work especially well?

Any ideas about where the bus will park and what kind of outreach that may afford?

Can you offer speaker/program fees to the Oxygen Collective?

Can you offer any housing for our crew? (our bus sleeps 8, but we could use a place to take showers and provide beds for our extra folks)


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