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Cancun and Miami Reportback in Monterey

On Monday, February 9, about 50 people attended a potluck and report back organized by the Monterey County Peace Coalition.
MANY THANKS TO BEE, BRADLEY AND DAN FROM SANTA CRUZ for their presentation at the Monterey Senior Center on Monday night. Their personal stories and experiences at Cancun for the WTO protests in September and at the FTAA protests in Miami in November gave us some insight into the richness and complexities of organizing and carrying out this important work.

With so much ground to cover (including their two short documentaries and slide show) and too little time, the presentation ended without a very key point being made: delegates in Cancun from the developing countries (G21) acknowledged they had the courage to walk out and end the talks because of the support and courage of the tens of thousands of protesters on the streets.

After the presentation, we passed the hat and were able to give a nice donation to the Santa Cruz activists to help support their ongoing work. Both Bradley and Dan work with the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center.

Bee works as a street medic at globalization protests and nonviolent direct actions and trains others who would be interested in medic work on the streets. She can be reached at beemedic2002 (at)

Thanks also to all who attended the potluck and presentation. This is a topic we need to keep focused on. The Real Axis of Evil (war, racism and poverty) works hand-in-hand with corporate power, globalization and empire-building. We have our work cut out for us! Let's fill the streets of San Francisco on March 20th for the next major mobilization.

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