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Federal Reserve is criminal & illegal

Illegal tool used to enslave us
It would be a great time to put pressure on the politicians to admit that the
federal reserve is an illegal criminal orginasation & demand american politicians
fight to restore the right of the american government givin by our constitution
to print the money to pay off all the debt & to make loans available to americans
at 1% or less to help free them from the illegal debt that enslaves us & our children
It sure would be great if a leader ran on a platform to restore our goverments
right to print the money to pay off our defecit. Our government also has the right to
make loans to its citizens at next to nothing intrest rates. It is the burdon of debt
to an illegal criminal organization called the federal reserve that keeps us all working
so hard for nothing but trap after trap.
I think Dennis could put pressure on politicians & the press to deal with
these facts. The time might be right, there is a lot the people could be offered &
we americans would love a leader that would lighten our load it is a heavy burden
to carry to be american today ask 100 million poor americans.
It would be great if answer & others could help focus the spotlight on
these truths too. This is 1 battle we should be able to win & it would give
breathing room to our government & its citizens. Any politician that is not
willing to fight the criminal fed reserve for our constitutional right to print
the money to pay our debt should be charged for not honoring their pledge
to defend our constitution & protect our citizens from our domestic enimies.
The federal reserve & all the money it prints is illegal let the charges
be filed against any who defend this form of illegal sabatoge of our futures.
It is money that keeps the people of this world in dispair & the bankers
that participate in this illegal practice. Lets demand our leaders take action
against this illegal criminal orginization called the Federal Reseve that is
no way connected to the Federal Government but just another misleading
fraud & fake used to rob us blind. Power to the People!!! Jim Zender

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