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Save In Home Supportive Services for Disabled People

Tell the Governor you are opposed to cuts funding In Home Support for people with disabilities, and if they occur, will put people in nursing homes and cause financial hardships for families who rely on funding to take care of family members.
Dear friends,
I know many people who would be adversely affected by the upcoming budget cuts proposed in the state of California for people with disabilities. In Home Supportive Services help people stay in their homes who would otherwise be institutionalized without the help. Please write to the governor and ask him to not cut In Home Support! Many families and single people will suffer. Thank you, Christopher
Here are the proposals:
To end state funding for services provided by spouses and parent providers of disabled children.
To end state funding for advance pay clients, protective supervision, and domestic only cases.
To eliminate the residual program completely. (Funded by the state and not the federal government). If this happens, more than 400 families in Santa Cruz will be affected.
To reduce IHSS wages to 6.75 statewide.
To eliminate state funding for provider health benefits.
To eliminate the IHSS Public Authority and IHSS Advisory Commission.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenhegger, State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814 1-800-780-9275 (press 8 and then 2), governor (at)
Assemblyman John Laird. State Capitol Room 4081, Sacramento, CA 95814 (831) 425-1503 assemblymember.laird (at)
Senator Bruce McPherson, State Capitol Room 2196 Sacramento, CA 95814 (831)425-0401 senator.mcpherson (at)
You may also want to mention the huge discrepancy of how much it costs to care for someone in their home as opposed to a nursing home, IHSS costs about $5,000 per year per person, nursing homes cost $60,000 per year per person! IHSS saves taxpayer money.

Please write today. Tell them you are opposed to any cuts in IHSS funding!

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