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Richard "prince of darkness" Pearl to be on KGO! This will be EPIC!

Tune in to KGO 810 AM on Monday 2-23 at 4 AM!!
(highly recommended to tune in an hour or more ahead of time if possible.

Richard Pearl, defence policy advisor to W. and original founder of PNAC (Project for a New American Century) will be on the air at 4:AM Sunday late night (really Monday early morning) with Ray Calafero.

Ray is passionately outspoken against the current Brush Dictatorship, and the entire right wing agenda. He is very well spoken and intelligent. He is going to rip Richard Pearl to shreds and it is going to be awesome!

Richard Pearl, in case you didn't know is one of the chief proponants for the Iraq take over as well as W.'s war without end. He is one of the key players that are orchestrating America's current nightmare.

It appears from his history that he has a conflict of interest, in that his agenda seems to be Israel's agenda.

Ray will ruthlessly address the issues with forked tounged Richard, who is probably one of the most evil and sick men to ever walk the planet.

It is highly recommended that you tune in for an hour or two or three before the interview. It will be truly epic, you will see.

So, if you have ever wished you could really put Richard "prince of darkness" Pearl on the hot seat, and ask him the hardest questions, and watch him squirm, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!

After the show, please revisit this post and state your experience and feedback.


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