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Kusumi to activists: Activate This!

Especially for fair trade activists...

John Kusumi, former political candidate (for U.S. Pres., Ind., '84) has released his book, Activate This!, with a theme of appealing to activists. Kusumi launched the China Support Network, America's response to Tiananmen Square's tragedy, in 1989. With his prior teenage candidacy for the White House, Kusumi brings something extra to his activism. The title of his book, "Activate This!" suggests that he has ideas that he wants to share with activists.

"Chinese dissidents and CSN are about ready to read China its rights," says Kusumi, "but first, I'd like line up more American support, drawing from the activist community. I hope that we will stand together in a coming push for change to benefit both China and America.

"Some fair trade activists have yet to see how we are really connected. --Helping out CSN would help the anti-globalization movement, and vice-versa. CSN and top Chinese dissidents opposed the U.S.-China trade deal. A dismantling of PNTR and the WTO would be wonderful.

"In activities so far, too few fair trade activists came out for the China Support Network. We could both benefit by more joint action. Chinese democracy is its own movement, but it wants fair trade -- human rights, first. The book became titled Activate This!, to jog the fair trade activists about the prospective synergies that we have been wasting.

"Also, politicians may soil themselves when this book gets around. China and trade issues are being taken up, and explained, by the old 18-year-old for President. We'll have to see about this, but it should be thought-provoking. The more readers the book gets, the more politicians will soil themselves. --Even Beijing politicians in the Zhongnanhai leadership compound may soil themselves."

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Activate This!: the Kusumi book is now available: here. Learn stories of the former 18-year-old for U.S. President, including the 1989 launch of the China Support Network. Part autobiography, part activist manual, Activate This!, has clues to the future of CSN and the politics of Practical Idealism. "Can America have a better future? --Well, can America Activate This!?" muses Kusumi.


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