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Help Ensure that Your Vote Counts!

February 25th
Participate in Democracy!

Help guarantee your basic right as an American voter!! I am running a national student campaign for an organization called and we need
your help!!!!

One of's urgent goals
is to get the federal legislation H.R.2239/S.1980
enacted. These are identical bills, one in the House and one in the Senate, which would do a lot to ensure fair elections in November of this year * and the future. They require a voter-verifiable paper record on all voting equipment, and they require voting machine vendors to open their source code to public scrutiny.

Currently, electronic voting machines are not
required to produce a paper record that the voter can verify, so there is no way to know the votes were recorded correctly and no way to do a meaningful recount. This means that when you vote, your vote might not count in the next election * and you would never even know. Can you imagine an election in which your vote will not count?

On February 25, 2004, is
planning a national day of student action. We are
asking student groups from major universities and
colleges across the US to participate in stopping
unverifiable voting. Here's what you can do:

Download the petition from the
website and print plenty of copies. The petition is

Get as many students as possible to sign the petitions
by tabling at your campus on February 25, 2004.

Attach the signed petitions to a letter from your
university organization to Congress, stating why you believe passing these bills is urgent. This way Congress is aware of each university and organization participating.

Mail the letters and signed petitions to:
Lisa Dangutis
National Student Campaign Coordinator
PO 704
Ware, MA 01082

PS-Once we receive the petitions from all over the
country, we will send them all to Congress on the same
day. Please forward this e-mail to any student groups
at other universities who may be interested in
participating. We need lots of signatures!!!

We are working toward having a million signatures
collected in one day.

Thank You!
Let's Keep Making Democracy Count!

If you have any other questions about this campaign or
the bill itself, please contact:
Lisa Dangutis
National Student Campaign Coordinator
baselic (at)

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