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The Crackdown on Dissent

The Crackdown on Dissent. NOW looks at November’s Miami protests and their aftermath to examine whether law enforcement was maintaining order or abusing power.
NOW with Bill Moyers
PBS Airdate: Friday, February 27, 2004 at 9 p.m. on PBS
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At this year’s Republican Convention scheduled for late summer in New York City, protestors expect hundreds of thousands on the streets. How is the government preparing to handle massive dissent? Disturbing clues have emerged in what happened at a trade conference in Miami last November where hundreds of protesters were detained, searched, and some seriously injured in violent clashes with police. While official Miami hailed the event as a model for "homeland security," others called it a preemptive strike on dissent and an assault on civil liberties. NOW takes a hard look at the protests and their aftermath to examine whether law enforcement was maintaining order or abusing power. As other cities turn to Miami for examples of how to police their major events, the segment asks, were they protecting the public or serving special interests?

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Re: The Crackdown on Dissent

The truth is, the powers that be are expecting alot of dissent leading up to, and beyond the election. As their plan for a military police state is gradually and not so gradually implemented, dissent and resistance will be countered with all manor of "non lethal" weaponry.
Of course, when the next terrorist attack is staged in preperation for a code red, and full declaration of martial law,FEMA and special military police squads will crush the resistance with these high tech weapons. Military check points, National ID cards, curfews and more are ahead. They are now expert in mass croud control, using of course, the most supprssive tactics. It is a huge control trip. We need to remember the depth and breadth of the beast. It is formidable. There will be rioting, forced vaccinations in the event of a bio/chem attack, and there will be chaos. Camps are already prepared to detain those who do not fall into line with the New World Order agenda...which basically is total enslavement.

Interesting that Orin Hatch is trying to get a constitutional amendment to allow foreign born people to become president. They are going to speed that one through, in preparation for Arnold to become the final leader as we move into Armageddon, and the mass culling of the population unfolds.

On a cheerior note: There are some very kind cops in Santa Cruz. Many of them are thoughtful and good hearted. Many of them do not accept the current administration, and are very up on events. Many of our local cops read Indymedia as well! Just so you know. :)They get a bad rap. Cops are people too, doing a job that they feel is important, the best that they can. If we vibe them out, it just adds to the bad vibes all around. Smile at a cop and maybe he'll be kind to the next person. No kidding. Happiness is contageous. Everyone needs more. Even cops.


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