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Serg. P. explains the UN's round table confidentiality, and gives some university education high-lights.
Warning: This causerie do not suite to every person. You read it at your own risk, and the author takes no responsibility what so ever.

To: Xim Sebartian / XBC / Xard Xalk
CC: XBS / Xndy Xodney

February 27 2003


Believe it or not, but while I was waiting for to get into a hotel breakfast, I saw a clinch of BBC'S World Wide News telling about UK having spied Kofi 'Coffee' Annan, the Secretary of UN himself.

To be very honest with you - and this will cost a pint of 'Director's Special' to BBC - I was not surprised of the news itself; It is not surprising at all to hear from news some agency having bugged, I mean tapped, sorry, eavesdropped Kofi Annan's bureau.
However, the true news is the fact, of someone even being 'proud of any such achievement' – a bit sort of a same thing, like stealing a maxi size lollipop from a 6 year old freckled, red haired, pigtailed girl. [Modified for web: These people have already organization to do the trick already. Surely it doesn't take a lot to walk into Mr Annan's room.]

The point is this “how can anyone even consider any such things as an achievement??. After all, it does not take a lot to walk into a room and urge one's need in it. However, like I told you; if it takes Oxford education to do that, then I suppose one can call it as some kind of an achievement.

Unfortunately at the same time we have some bigger problems to solve out, thus I really would respect, if UK MI would stop searching their underpants no were else except between their legs. I just wish there are some fresh greens on the bloody breakfast – this waiting really gets into you. So far the best thing has been someone explaining “yes, but if this ever happened, it all went according to the book – no rules were broken?. I mean, what sort of a spying is it, if no rules were even broken? Hey, everyone knows it happens. Please ask them, when do I get me money out from this state, I already know them by their Xxlls, and they have made more that a few bad mistakes.

Åke Tyvi
Apupoika – Business Intelligence Finland

Ps. For web: I tried to get hold on MI6, but they have a taping with a message "Unfortunately no one is home at the moment", so at least we know who did it?

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