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Vote your heart not what the Media tells you!

Do not lose focus...we need a great leader. You decide but DO NOT LET THE MEDIA INFLUENCE YOUR VOTE. Vote your heart!
People have forgotten what the Primaries are all about. During this time we select who "we" want as our leader. Just because the media decries that Kerry is the leader does not make him the leader, that is our job.

Kuchinich is the ONLY candidate on stage that did NOT back down to Bush. Kuchinich is the ONLY candidate that took on Diebolt (electronic voting fiasco). Kuchinich is the Gandi of this election. Nader was nowhere when Bush invaded Iraq but Kuchinich was vocal and angry, bless his heart. Nader is a fraud, he and Bush are in league with each other and Kerry has never denounced the "Skull & Crossbones" association which puts him in league with Bush and his cronies.

THIS IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE, vote your heart, we need a president who would reverse the hate that the world has for us because of Bush. He will tax the rich and put money back into our pockets. Our childrens future is at stake here, we must vote for our children.

Do not let mainstream media influence your vote, vote for your planet, vote for the worlds future. Kerry is pro Israel, this scares me to death. We need to make Israel stand on it's own two feet, Kuchinich will do this. Let's TRY to make PEACE happen in our lifetime. Prophecy's say we are on a tettertotter, if we do not take care of these problems now then doom is certain. Is Nader or Kerry that important?

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