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Zionism: How Israel's Policies effect the world.

These days it is considered anti-semitic to expose Israel. It would appear that the label "anti-semeitic" has been so over used that it has turned into code for exposing Israel's interests in connection with our government. Why is it NOT ok to talk about this?

It is not "anti christian" to expose the lies of G.W.B. is it?

Please, let's be rational here. If there is nothing to hide, than don't scream anti semitic.

There are countless Jewish people all over who have been lied to and manipulated just like the rest of American's have.
We are all waking up to the lies of our leaderships, weather it is the U.S. Government, the Catholic Church, or the policies of our "allies". After all, we're just talking history and facts here, no conspiracy theories needed.
Just History
Zionist Terror Against the United States
Sun Feb 29 01:16:42 2004

Zionist Terror Against the United States

Israel has a long record of terrorism against the United States going back to 1954. Here, the Israeli government plotted to blow up American installations in 2 main Egyptian cities and blame it on Egyptian nationals. But the plot, named Lavon affair "The Lavon Affair" failed and was uncovered. It was named that after the man who who was responsible, Pinhas Lavon, the Israeli Defense minister, who resigned in 1955 over the incident.

In 1967, Israel purposefully attacked with unmarked jet fighters and torpedo boats, the USS. Liberty, an American Naval vessel patrolling near Egypt, even attacking the deployed life rafts of the ship. The attack killed 31 American servicemen and wounded over 170. The aim was to sink the ship, kill all the Americans and blame it on the Egyptians, so they could have American support to conquer larger areas of the Arab world. The U.S. Secretary of State and the navy chief Admiral said the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel was deliberate, however the all-powerful Zionist Lobby prevented a formal Congressional investigation. The US did not even reduce the billions of dollars of aid to Israel, and the story of the attack on the Liberty quickly vanished from the news after a few days.

In 1986 the Israeli Mossad planted a transmitter in Tripoli, Libya and broadcasted messages in Libyan code indicating Libyan responsibility for killing two Americans in the bombing of the La Belle discothèque in Germany. By doing this, Israel induced the American bombing of Libya, which resulted in the killing of the infant daughter of the Libyan President among scores of civilians.

It was American support of Israel's brutal invasion and occupation of Lebanon in the 1980s that led directly to the bombing of the US marine headquarters in Beirut, killing 300 American young men.

Every person in the Middle East is well aware that Israel's half century of terror could never have occurred, at least not in this intensity, without the full financial, military, and diplomatic support of the United States. Every Palestinian and Arab, as well as every American politician knows that the Israeli Lobby has control of American policy, particularly that of the middle east, and that the Zionists can get whatever they want from Congress on issues important only to them.

Arabs know that almost every bomb that kills their people comes from America, Every bullet, every tank, every fighter plane, is manufactured or paid for by American dollars. It is America's billions of dollars of support that have enabled the Israeli state to terrorize the Arab people for over 50 years.

Even though Israel invaded Lebanon and killed thousands of civilians, America never threatened to bomb Tel Aviv (as it did Iraq) if Israel refused to obey UN resolutions

Over 2000 civilians died in Kuwait due to the war with Iraq. Over 30,000 Lebanese died throughout the Israeli occupation of Lebanese territories.

Iraq disobeyed UN resolutions to leave Kuwait. Israel disobeyed UN resolutions to leave Lebanon for 18 years, and still disobeys UN resolutions to withdraw from Palestine for over 50 years and counting.

Iraq broke international conventions on chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Israel has one of the biggest stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in the world, and refuses to sign the international nuclear arms treaty, and yet no international indictment was even thought of against the Zionist state.

Iraq refused UN inspections, but gave in at the end. Israel has always refused UN inspection, and will probably never allow such inspections to take place without any US pressure.

For these violations America bombed Iraq, and economically cutoff all trade, forcing other nations to do the same, causing devastation and millions of dead children, but in response to violations committed by Israel, America continues to fully support and send billions of dollars and weapons and assistance to this violent state.

Throughout all of this, the American people just watched silently, with ignorance, the fact that other nations are suffering deeply because of American policies, only to benefit one state, Israel, on the account of all the Arab nations.

And some Americans wonder why they are so hated.

The Zionist controlled members of the media are very careful not to let the American people fully understand the real reason for the war against Iraq, or the true issues of the Palestinian question. They don't want Americans to really know why so many millions of people in the Arab world hate the US and why the number grows larger every day.

They don't want the Americans to know why are they so hated, because it is this same Zionist lobby that steers the American foreign policy, that is directly responsible for this growing hatred of America. The Zionists know that America's support of Israel is what creates and recreates this hatred against America. They are fully aware that going to war against nations only for Israel's benefit, creates dedicated enemies against America, enemies who will seek revenge on American soil. The US government knows that it is not in America's interest to be at war for Israel, but their interests are always on top of any agenda. These Zionists are totally aware the terror attacks that happened in New York and Washington only help the Zionist cause by creating tremendous American anger at Israel's enemies, and make Americans more easily manipulated to do the dirty work for Israel.

Take into consideration the question which presents itself; who really gained from the attacks on September 11? Has any Arabic or Muslim nation? or have the Palestinians? These attacks collapsed any progress the Palestinians have ever made with world opinion. The world just stopped looking at Israeli terrorism. Israel is the main beneficiary in this tragedy, they now have the green light to do anything they want against the Palestinians. They can and will kill any Palestinian who stands up in patriotic protest against them, whether this protest is violent or non-violent. They will get all the money they want, and all the support from the American people as well as from the rest of the world, and no one will be thinking about Israel's on-going occupation and suppression, murder and human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

The American media of course, being controlled by the Zionists, will never ask the proper question of why these terrorist activities are happening, and therefore, the American people who rely on this media for truthful information will never find out the real story. That's why the Zionists are and always will be the main benefactors of the terrible day of terror on September 11, 2001. It is sickly ironic that although the Zionist criminal actions against the Arab and Muslim nations, which unfortunately led to this terror, only the Zionists will benefit from it.

That's the reason why America is facing terrorism, because the Zionists has become the most powerful influence in any course of action the American government takes, the same influence that controls the direction of the mass American media. Yes indeed, one of the main reasons the US is suffering from terrorism because the American foreign policy is steered by the Zionists and their puppets. And now, they are using these events to inspire and fuel more anger from the American people against Israel's enemies, and only the Americans will pay the price.

War in this indiscriminate behavior, as it is being waged by the richest countries in the world, against one of the poorest countries in the same world: Afghanistan, and perhaps other countries to come, would only produce more hatred, and will only bring more terrorist acts against the American people. This kind of reaction (WAR) and the increasing cycle of hatred is exactly what the Zionists want, for they aim to make America fight their enemies for them, They will be the only beneficiaries while the American people pay the price.

It is very important to stop the cycle of violence and hatred, and start the process of healing the wounds. America must take another look at it's policies, and must break out of the routine course of action. America and the American people must start caring about the rest of the world. Go ahead, Pray for the victims of the events of September 11, and for their families, but also pray for the victims of this war and all the wars. Pray for the victims of the Israeli aggression, for they are humans too and they are suffering. And pray for the victims of the Palestinian suicide bombers as well. They, also, are innocent victims in a war that will not end on it's current track.
But, even more importantly, the American people must understand why these events occurred, and must know how to heal the hatred against America.

Yes we can support Israel, but not to inflict violence, not to break U.N. resolutions, not to subjegate and destroy the Palestinian people.

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Re: Zionist Terror: The truth of Israel

Go to, join the grassroots movement to remove these invaders and thieves. Bush, Blair and Sharron are no different from each other. All must be removed and imprisoned. If Sharron is not reelected then the world will put him on trial. If we impeach Bush then we can put him on's up to you people, join or continue to be a zombie.

Re: Zionist Terror: The truth of Israel

this article is totally anti-semitic. It does not belong in this type of media venue where tolerance and justice are encouraged. You can't be pro-peace and anti-Jewish, it's a contradiction. This article is angry, intolerant and totally offensive to anyone who is educated, aware, and human!

Re: Zionist Terror: The truth of Israel

How can you talk about trying to stop the cycle of violence and hatred, while spending an entire article preaching racism and hatred against the Jews, how is that hatred any different? This article is disgusting and offensive and should be taken off this site. This type of thinking is what perpetuated the natzis to kill 6 million Jews.

The elephant in the living room

I can't believe some people are still confused by the difference between a Jewish person, and the highly racist policies of the Israeli state.

I for one fully believe in Israel's right to exist. I also believe in Palestine's right to exist. The attack's on Israeli soil are not ok, even if they are preformed by Palestinian's who are fighting back. Violence never will create peace. The wall, should be put up on the "green line" and not used as a land grab as it is being used now. The palestinian people are being humiliated by the vastly larger and more powerful Israel. This article brings up some very interesting points. All the more so because these truths and facts, no matter how biased they may be presented, are notoriously missing from diologue in the mainstream press as well as the alternative press. Exposing the truth about Israel is in no way shape or form racism or anti-semitism against Jews. That is one of the big lies. Don't buy into it. That is one of the ways they control the conversation, with fear. That you will be labeled anti-semite if you talk about the truth of Israel's policies. They DO have a major control of the media in the U.S. and the lack of conversation about this PROVES that!!!

PS. Israel is a beautiful country, and it's people are very warm, deep, genuine, and as peace loving as American's.

You wouldn't want American's being hated because buSh is hated would you? Similarly, we must love the Israeli people, and encourage them to speak out about Sharon's policies, just as the entire world is praying for us to speak out about the atrocities at home!

Re: "anti-Jewish"

this is a critique of the Israeli government.

how is it "anti-Jewish"

please cite some examples.

Re: Zionism: How Israel's Policies effect the world.

"how is it "anti-Jewish""

"zionist" is a euphemism for JEWS!
Regardless, this kind of stuff is totally one sided.
Israel is singled out.
To claim that Israel is the single beneficiary in the ouster os Saddam....Bush's war was and is supported by 20 out of 22 Arab states.
The main beneficiaries are the oil producers, who eliminated a strong competitor. How does Israel benefit? Nobody is going to shoot scud missles at them, as Saddam did in Gulf War I


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