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Concerned about transit? Metro needs you!

Bus riders are urged to apply to Metro's new advisory committe (MAC). The on-line application should be submitted by Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004.

Bus riders are urged to apply to Metro's new advisory committe (MAC). 6 of the 11 slots are already taken. Submit your application by Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004, to make sure it gets into the packet of papers that's distributed to Metro board members every two weeks.

After filling out the form, you should contact a board member to secure a nomination.

You can contact board members through Metro.

  • Get contact info > (831) 426-6080

If the board members you know, and the board members who represent your part of the county, have already used up their nominations, ask them to put in a good word with other board members.

If you have questions, send e-mail to the address at the top of this article.


Disgust with Metro's old advisory group led me to form an independent Riders Union. The old group didn't resemble the cross-section of people I saw everyday on the bus. There was no one from UCSC, no one from Cabrillo, no one who rode the Highway 17 Express, no one who worked at the Capitola Mall, no one who spoke Spanish, no one who...

The old group met during the workday. Excuses for not meeting in the evening ranged from conflict with a "water aerobics" class to fear of the dark.

A proposal to offer free bus passes as a recruitment incentive was ignored. It turned out that many of the group members were already getting free passes from Metro, for other reasons. Nothing much was done to fill the 10+ vacant seats on the old committee.

For a rider advisory committee, there were quite a few non-riders. A Metro manager, a transportation coordinator, and a representative of the bus drivers' union all participated. Clearly, industry employees had a conflict of interest. How could they address the concerns of riders and protect Metro's image at the same time?

After quitting, I shared my experience with Metro's Board of Directors. My "Charade of Rider Representation" memo caused quite a stir. Metro's lawyer was asked to evaluate my claims. She reported that many of them were true. Other riders were also speaking up. Slowly, we convinced management and the board that it was time for change.

A year later, Metro is launching a new advisory committee. The by-laws call for a group that's representative and responsible. Each of Metro's 11 board members nominates one person. The by-laws require that MAC meetings be held after work.

MAC has a limited mandate: the group addresses whatever issues Metro's board puts on the table. General advocacy is left to independent groups, like the Metro Riders Union ( which I also encourage you to join, by visiting ).

Remember, Metro is your bus system.


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