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Bush Likes, (but FEARS) Willie Nelson Party!-Tonite

Join the San Francisco Kucinich Campaign and the Democreation Project on Election Night (Tues, March 2) for a Progressive Campaigns Solidarity Party! Campaign HQ, 1751 Mission St., S.F. (13th & Mission) 5 pm-Midnight Peter Camejo, Matt Gonzalez, Daniel Sheehan Plus: a Call from Dennis himself
Performance Talent: Sasha Butterfly and Al Toree, Fantuzi, Terry Bradford, Mystic Family Circus, Aweyaz, Democreation Project Performers, and Noodle Factory
Help us to celebrate Dennis’ precedent-setting campaign in California, and let us come together to support the next stage of carrying the progressive torch forward!

Dinner and drinks available for a small donation

Thank you all! And bring your friends!

Campaigns to join us in celebrating Dennis’ candidacy this Super Tuesday:

No on Prop J
Congressional District 8 write-in candidate, Terry Baum
DCCC candidates: Bruce Wolf, Rick Galbreath, Tracy Baxter, Robert Haaland,
Gerry Crowley
GCCC candidates: Marc Salomon, Susan King, and Kim Knox

Speaker Roster:

Peter Camejo, Green Party
Ross Mirkarimi, Green Party
Eric Quesada, Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition and No on Prop J
Daniel Sheehan, former President of the Christic Institute
J. Manuel Herrera, Board President, East Side Union School District, San Jose
*Matt Gonzalez, Green Party to attend and possibly to speak
*Dennis Kucinich to call in from Ohio…

Artists to perform: a terrific lineup of music, dance, and spoken word, provided by the Democreation Project Bio-diesel Bus Crew…

Sasha Butterfly and Al Torree (guitar & vocals)
Terry Bradford (gospel, R&B)
Fantuzi (reggae)
Mystic Family Circus (circus acts, political puppetry)
The Aweyaz (percussion, sitar, guitar, vocals
Noodle Factory Performers (dance, spoken word)
Democreation Project Performers (break dance, hip-hop)


5:00-7:00—Election Results come in on big screen…
7:00-8:00—Dinner, with music by the Aweyaz
9:15-9:30—Kucinich to call in from Ohio…
9:30-12:00—Music and Performance Art

For additional info, call Daniel Paul Nelson: 831-406-0600


Here’s an excellent article from author Anodea Judith (Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind ) on why it is so vital to vote for Dennis Kucinich next Tuesday. Forward it freely!

By Anodea Judith

The present moment is a cauldron of staggering potential and awesome
responsibility. Never before have American citizens had such ability to
influence the political climate, nor has there ever been such absolute
necessity for us to do so.

We are, quite simply, facing the ultimatum of traditional rites of passage:
transform or die. Which do we choose?

Collectively, we are undergoing a profound transformation, a change from an
adolescent “use-it-all-now? attitude to one of sustainable maturity that can
parent a global future. In this transformation, we are like the
caterpillar, entering the chrysalis to become a butterfly.

Prior to this transformation, a caterpillar eats voraciously, consuming all
it can. Then it outgrows its skin, repeatedly, getting more and more
bloated, slows down, and loses all freedom as it enters the confines of the
chrysalis. The military-industrial-corporate-media complex, designed for
consumption, the bloated Pentagon budget, and the Homeland Security Act that
is curbing our freedom draw obvious parallels. The majority of cells in this
country are still in the caterpillar stage, unknowing of what they might

Yet, inside the chrysalis, a miraculous thing occurs. Tiny cells begin to
appear, called “imaginal cells,? wholly different from the caterpillar
cells, vibrating at a different frequency -- so different, in fact, that the
caterpillar’s immune system vigorously attacks them. The media is the
immune system of the old network, keeping the old memes alive, even as they
lead us into stagnation and possible death. They continue to attack anyone
that has a new way, such as Dennis Kucinich. Still, these new cells continue
to appear, carrying the blueprint of the future organism.

As these cells become more numerous, they find each other, clump together,
and form new networks and clusters that organize and differentiate into
varied tasks. At a certain point in this proliferation, the new cells
recognize each other as a wholly different organism and become so strong and
numerous that the organism changes identity and reroutes its immune system.
The caterpillar body then becomes the nutrient for the emerging butterfly.

Dennis Kucinich is an imaginal cell, dancing to the beat of a different
drummer, a shaper of the future, not the past. He alone has demonstrated
the wisdom of redirecting the Defense Department’s overactive immune system
into a Department of Peace. He alone courageously addresses the
overconsumption of corporatism and speaks of redirecting those resources
into a system that works for the many, not the few. He alone sees the role
of global leadership that America can play in the quest for world peace and
justice. Dennis Kucinich is the one candidate who possesses the spiritual
maturity to lead our larva-like culture into its glorious emergence.

But he can’t do it alone. We are the cells within this collective body. We
can decide where to place our alignment -- with the dying caterpillar,
choking on its own consumption, or the imaginal cells of the future. We can
organize behind a vision for the future and we can support the mouthpiece of
this organism who dares to speak for our dreams. We can get out the vote,
and vote for Dennis Kucinich as a statement of who we are and who we are
inevitably becoming.

As imaginal cells, we can use our power of imagination along with our
donations and our sweat equity. We can visualize-- as a daily meditation --
a surge of support so profound the media cannot ignore it. We can use our
own minds and mouths and keyboards to spread the word. We can align
ourselves with progressive values of peace, sustainability, equality, and
restoration. We not only can but we must if we are to survive the

For more information on the Kucinich campaign:
emailable grassroots SpecialK! commercials at to campaign volunteer contacts and IMC's in Texas,Florida and USA Illin' better be Willin' to make some NOIS!

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