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Harare - The United States was trying to remove Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe from power with millions of condoms as weapons, state radio in that country said. It said President George Bush's regime was behind the "rebranding" of prophylactics that carry a bright red and yellow sticker advertising "revolutionary condoms" and a message urging Zimbabweans to "get up, stand up!" A bulletin said condoms carrying a sticker with "an oppositional political message" were being distributed throughout Zimbabwe "in what appears to be collusion between opposition groups and a United States-based condom manufacturer". The radio said the appearance of the redecorated condom packets was "not surprising, since the United States government has made it clear it is working toward changing of the regime in Zimbabwe". It says the sticker also bears the name of an underground group of activists with the name and motto, "Enough!", and an appeal to Zimbabweans to stop tolerating abuse by Mugabe's government. The motto appears in graffiti, and is also the name of a news sheet secretly distributed. The words on the condom are from a composition by reggae legend Bob Marley who sang, "Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights, get up, stand up, don't give up the fight". He performed the song in front of Mugabe and thousands of ecstatic Zimbabweans at the country's independence celebrations in 1980. Recipients of the news sheet two weeks ago found the "revolutionary condom" inside. No comment could be obtained from the United States embassy, but an activist who asked not to be named said: "the Americans had nothing to do with it". He said "a few hundred" condoms had been bought, and locally printed stickers had been glued on before handing them out.

The bulletin linked the "revolutionary" condoms to Population Services International, a Washington-based non-profit organisation working for child and maternal health HIV prevention. PSI provides condoms for aid programmes in Zimbabwe, but by far the biggest provider is the United States Agency for International Development with a budget this year of US 8.5 million that will provide 89 million American-manufactured condoms to Zimbabwean couples. Condoms are estimated to be the cheapest commodity in Zimbabwe, selling for about two Zimbabwe dollars each, or a twentieth of a US cent. About 49 million of the USAid condoms are issued to the private sector for sale, and the rest go to health institutions for free distribution. Health officials say as a result of the USAid programme, condom use in Zimbabwe has risen to about 100 million a year, and proved to be a major factor in restricting the spread of HIV. "If the Americans had wanted to achieve regime change in Zimbabwe, they could have used something more forceful than condoms," said a Western diplomat. "They must have saved the lives of thousands of Zimbabweans. "It's a weird mind that sees the condom programme as a way of overthrowing Mugabe." Enough!, known in Shona as Zvakwana! and Sokwanele! in Ndebele, was formed around 2002, to galvanise opposition against Mugabe around the time he won presidential elections that were dismissed by independent international groups as the result of fraud and violent intimidation. When Mugabe celebrated his 80th birthday last month, Enough! circulated stamped postcards, with Mugabe's address and carrying a photograph of two frightened, sickly children. "There is no reason to celebrate your 80th birthday," it said on the back of the card. "HIV/Aids, poverty and hunger are robbing our children and our country of a future. Why don't you care?"
What kind of trash is this?Have the people in this pariah shit-hole lost their minds?What the hell does a themed condom have to do with internal dissent.

Some freaks from the United States happened to sneak into Zimbabwe with the collaboration of opposition lackeys in December 2003 and they think that nobody saw them or realized their motivations.

These kind of simple maneuvers are all this evil empire can or will do.Zimbabwe and their neighbors have a multi national defence pact and will engage it should this country be foolish enough to attack.

You may scoff but this includes South Africa as well.DeBeers are located there.There would be more financial damage than the militaries of those nations could ever do.

What should happen is that all anarchists and protesters should consider preemptive action against this country before they begin the process once again of killing indiscriminately.

Whatever you think of Mugabe,he is no fool.He is aware of what a monkey George W.Bush is and will press him into hastened actions.

It is time to put an end to these grand delusions of world domination.

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