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"What Part of *Over the Rainbow* Do You NOT Understand?"

Mr. Kerry, who HAS been put to the challenge, but will not commit his own Democratic Party to a principled, honorable platform on the side of human needs, progress for the future and most plainly-Truth.This constrains and weakens the Party's reach. What can we People then expect him to do for America as a whole? It is our necessity to turn away from the insanity of illegal, unilateral, agressive wars against undefined enemies from poor countries.
****Mr. Kerry, who HAS been put to the challenge, but will not commit his own Democratic Party to a principled, honorable platform on the side of human needs, progress for the future and most plainly-Truth.This constrains and weakens the Party's reach. What can we People then expect him to do for America as a whole? It is our necessity to turn away from the insanity of illegal, unilateral, agressive wars against undefined enemies from poor countries. Besides using various changing 'claims' distorting the political climate, to cloud transparency and need for clear justification of 'urgent' necessity, to disturbingly, actually sell what is proving to be an unjust war.

*****WE REJECT! heavy-handed top down reality control Media-managed mania mobster-like ultimatum questions such as "what part of, its over, don't you understand??-Can't ya' just see Boris slyly grinnin' smacking a clenched fist into the other palm? LET ME ASK what part of "over the rainbow" do you NOT understand? I Believe THIS Country is still named the USA, some believe that the Constitution including due process shall be repected, AND what part of the figure 2,162 and the dates July 26th-29th, and the procedure called roll call, Do You Not Understand?

******We Reject having to be made accomplices and Yes!-criminals in condoning invasions. Why do we have to be loyal to those who sign on to doctrines nullifying Congressional War Resolution authority , the audacity to disregard International Law, treaties and accords. And the failure to honor and uphold oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, by canceling and threatening the Bill of Rights, stomping on historical principles crucial to what this country was founded on, stands for and as we were taught and once held dear, and Tell others the world over is our worth,contribution to civilization, beacon for Humanity's Quest.

******Media imposed artificial timelines, debate chicanery, unfair biased coverage time and slanted reporting, over the top Big Media perception management aiding and abetting backroom and boardroom pre-emption of Fair,Free election at a time when a large number of concerned citizens- trying to be allowed to make the case History is on our side-sustainable and vital change. We who are part of a national 50-state grassroots campaign have the right to garner and gather as many delegates for our impassioned cause- a message that issues need to be heard and discussed affecting the trajectory of oured shared future together, when we Gather in the colonial city of Boston. It must be continue to be possible, and not derailed or deriled unnecessarily so, to foster a Push for Peace,Prosperity, Health & Happiness for All. Away.... from the dangerous weapons proliferation and War policies-which put US and the people on both sides of conflicts,as it could have been better dealt with, In greater danger to life and limb, land and water and domestic economic and emotional,psychic health, wellBeing.

******Lying to get in illegal wars for buddies profiteering from death is a grave impeachable offense and the record of both Corporate beholden, war-hawk wings of failed Big-business parties is essentially identical in statements and empire-driven endorsement and direction. Daily more people that were against the war and like forlorn troops also against the occupation see that Kerry voted for the it, supported WMD claims, supports sending another 40,000 troops to fuel the occupation, and has no clear exit strategy, they are going to be very disturbed that they have to choose between a Democratic Quagmire or Republican Quagmire. Further, they are going to learn that Kerry has endorsed a leftist policy doctrine that supports increased military interventionism just---
like the Neo-Conservatives that planned the war on Iraq prior to 9-11.

******We Refuse to let the Military-Industrial-Media complex,DLC's,RNC's,PAC's and high-falutin' Regency's put us on the defensive, forced retreat and make us react to their ridgid, rigged, rogue and misguided view of decency and brotherhood.We are Proactively striding with Real American pride, rolling along and riding high, holding & honoring the principles of true patriotism, which has forged a consensus at times like these among common mans,common sense, free common goal to be self-governing in spite of despotic attempts to alter the nature of societies course in extreme,unbalanced and unwise precedents, a pattern of denial in the face of honest inspection.Our insistence is to understand and move up out of the rut of stagnation and learn form the lesson of the past, such as this note about the Truman/Wallace idea struggle from 1948.

*******Also the ridiculous, shameful, impossible attempt to squelch democratic discussion, action-FOR who has a crystal ball and can call the shots, play God and control ever fluid,developing,changing circumstances-reality zones, levels? Convention is 4 months ahead and election is 8 aWaY! Fighting for Fairness and relevancy requires constant heart-filled effort, discussion needs to be subdued?, greyed-out? or cease?, no investigative research will be attempted or allowed to influence?

******Delegates from dropped candidates in , at least, caucus states are talking and deciding how and where to stand for the good of their country. Many have reported being disturbed by suspicious and overt soviet-style 'rubber-stamping' for an important election of a Goverment whose original recipe states By, For and OF the People. With the wide realization of systemic election shenanigans in 2000, the folks out here are emboldened to stand up to anti-democratic usurpers and with moral fortitude and gratitude to the ideals and the visionary's and leaders from all walks of life who laid the path we stand on, with and FOR.Will scandals be uncovered? a dynamic that would change thinking and outcomes.How can the Media or whoever decides to initiate these attempts to terminate a legitimate campaign, tell and take the eventual outcry from states who haven't voted yet and need a choice? What about the entanglement of so many stocks and investments?-an almost billion dollar portfolio. What could incur if another Enron-type event unveils?-with these multi-nationals allowed and taking advantage of a lawless,expoitive and unhealthy business climate, the reason Public Interest concerns can help to correct. Nobody can tell 'them what to do or try?

*****We are sick and fed up with hurting and killing other people. We want the chance to prove our case that we can and shall build Anew, and create conditions for living and giving instead of having misgivings and solemn grieving.

Protect AmericCaN Lives
Protect AmericCaN Jobs
Protect Americans Health
Protect AmeriCaN Honor
Protect and Relight the American Dream and Dare to Care & Share with People EveryWhere

We are a confident, optmystic and detrmined bunch and promise to remain ever more so till we cease and desist these massive breaches of the public trust.Congressman Kucinich who's speeches will mold and go down in History should tell "what part of over don't you understand" negaters -the part that says he has won 'over' a burdgeoning and active part of the constituency to the Truth, rightness and excitement in the possibilities of his message put into practice. He should say in no way whatsoever do we want him, nor will we let him quit! We will never stop, give up, We are in Love with the Light of the World, and all its glory will shine- let us continue our story.CHEERS to the Next America's dawning.


ABB VoteSlave? or Act Be-Bold Vote to SAVE-Emerging BuildingBloc,By,For & IN the "Public Interest." Man or Mammon? Conviction or Expediency? People Policies or Power & Polls,I see? Can Dems Clean UP Corporate, Cash and Carry Country as a Club Clique, Collaboration to Keep Civic-Minded concerned constituencies Heads,Hearts and-HANDS OFF!,the Executive Branch,People of the Web-need to be a Jammin' Just Jury to make sure relevance Of Jeffersonian roots don't commit Hari-Kerry.
SpecialK MoveMent Has and IS IN The Public Interest !
Dems on CBS audio (10 min)
by ben frank Monday March 01, 2004 11:06 AM [ignore ben frank]
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miss the CBS debate the other day? got 10 min for a summary....? why is our democracy supposedly already decided after just a few primaries... were all those other guys just in the race to dilute the debate for 12 months? why did they all bail after just a few primaries?

think about it.... our democracy is 'decided' in a handful of states, mostly in the east, in the middle of winter where the opportunity for public conversation (in 0 deg weather) is totally limited. People are stuck in their houses left to get the 'news' about the 'polls' ... then they see a phony debate two days before the election. Get dan rather and larry king and their stupid q's out of the debate... just the candidates asking questions to each other... demanding real answers... that would help people see the real candidate for change.

dem debate clips set to music... very telling!
pass this mp3 link around to everyone before the vote tomorrow

vote your heart, not bogus electability... bush lied to start a war.... anybody can beat the bush

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