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San Francisco Labor Council on Haiti

U.S. and French Troops Out of Haiti Now!
The following was adopted by the Central Labor Council of San Francisco. Liberation News disagrees with statement because it places illusions in the idea that we could actually get, through demands, US imperialism to play a progressive role in Haiti by re-instating Aristide.

Under our capitalist government the role of U.S. imperialist troops in Haiti or anywhere else can never be a positive one. Aristide will never be put back in power by U.S. imperialism because he opposed the dictates of the IMF (even though it was only in a limited way).

Instead of impotently trying to shape the role of the U.S. and French troops occupying Haiti, it is far more productive to point out that those troops do not belong there under any capacity. In this light we demand the withdrawal of imperialist troops and support the right of Haitians to resist the occupation.

We also need to learn the negative lessons of Aristide's stint in power, seeing that small halfway measures against imperialism by a subjected capitalist country can not withstand the economic and military force of U.S. imperialism. Haiti needed to move toward socialism with a sweeping land reform, nationalization of industry, the arming of the proletariat, and support for the world revolution. Aristide did not deliver on what was needed and was defeated. These are important lessons for the Workers of Venezuela who today are facing similar questions with The U.S. attempts to overthrow Chavez.

Open U.S. borders to all Haitian refugees who are fleeing the U.S. backed death squads!

Prosecute President Bush and members of his administration for their role in this coup d'état, the kidnapping of Aristide, and mass murder!

Cancel all foreign debts and end IMF intervention in Haitian affairs!

Freedom for President Aristide!

For recognition of the right of the Haitian workers and peasants to defend themselves from death squads and defeat this imperialist intervention by any means necessary:

U.S. and French Troops Out of Haiti Now!

Support Leonard Peltier, Peace and Freedom Party Candidate For President of the United States!

Adopted by unanimous vote of the San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO - March 8, 2004:


We applaud and support the actions of Representatives Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus in calling for a Congressional investigation into the U.S. role in the coup that forced Jean-Bertrand Aristide out of office.

We call for an investigation into last year's shipping of 20,000 M-16 rifles to the Dominican Republic by the U.S. military, and into how these weapons got into the hands of the thugs who overthrew Aristide.

We call on the state AFL-CIO, labor councils, local and international unions to:
a) demand an investigation into the Bush administration's role in the coup against Aristide;
b) demand the immediate release of Aristide and his recognition and restoration as the democratically elected President of Haiti.

- Adopted by unanimous vote of the San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO - March 8, 2004

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