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March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan

In this email:

1.) Volunteers urgently needed to make March 20th a success!
2.) Volunteer work sessions you can join - LAST BIG POSTERING PUSH THIS SAT.
3.) Nine days left until March 20th: Ten quick things you can do to mobilize!
4.) Mar. 20 announcement - copy, paste and send this to everyone you know...

Stop the Attacks on Civil Rights & Civil Liberties! Stand Against Racism Here & Abroad! Money for Jobs, Health Care & Education, Not for War & Occupation!

Madison Square Park (Madison Ave. & 23rd St.) in New York City, Dolores Park in San Francisco, Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles, Michigan & Pearson in Chicago, and in cities across the U.S.

For more information on your location, buses, or to download flyers check:

* * * * *

Volunteers urgently needed for Global Day of Action March 20! No experience needed. Help make history with people around the world taking to the streets to demand yes to self-determination - no to colonial occupation! In San Francisco, the mass regional march gathers at 11 am Dolores Park and marches to Civic Center.

Help make this march happen by pitching in and helping at one of the upcoming volunteer sessions, or volunteer on the big day with your friends, family, organization or co-workers. Whether you can contribute one, three or twelve hours, it is the volunteers that make these historic demonstrations possible. Get involved in the following activities:


This Saturday, Mar. 13, enjoy the sunshine and join others to put up posters and leaflet throughout Bay Area communities. In San Francisco, meet between 11 am and 3 pm at the ANSWER office (2489 Mission St. Rm. #24). You can also help Saturday or all next week making alert phone calls. OR, in the East Bay at 11 am at MacArthur BART parking lot. Look for the March 20th sign. Call 415-821-6545 for more info.

* BANNER MAKING PARTIES -- Saturday March 13, 11am-3pm

Stay cool in the ANSWER basement and join others to paint the many banners
for March 20. There will also be more banner and sign making next Mar. 16-19 (Tues-Fri), 10 am - 9 pm at the ANSWER office.


Get a volunteer orientation and help with the final preparations at the last ANSWER meeting before March 20, this Tuesday, Mar. 16, at 7 pm at the ANSWER office in San Francisco (2489 Mission St. Rm. #24).


Pick up posters for your neighborhood at the ANSWER office or download them at:

* * * * *

Only ten days left until March 20th! -- Ten quick things you can do to mobilize against war and occupation!

1.) Call five friends and tell them about the mass rally and march in San

2.) Call your family and let them know why you think it is important to participate on March 20.

3.) Organize a contingent for your group, friends or co-workers. Bring your
signs, wear your shirts and get out there and vote with your feet in the
streets against racism and occupation!

4.) If you're a student or teacher, announce the march in your classes.

5.) Download the flyer at and show it to others.

6.) Email the announcement below to your email address book.

7.) Pick up flyers and go for a walk with tape to post them up.

8.) Call your favorite radio show and ask them to announce the gathering place time and date for the march.

9.) Pass out leaflets during your commute on trains or buses.

10.) Post the below message about the march on an online calendar or message board.

* * * * *

Mar. 20 announcement - copy, paste and send this to everyone you know...

* Stop the Attacks on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties * Stand Against Racism at Home and Abroad * Money for Jobs, Health Care & Education, Not for War & Occupation

San Francisco Rally and March: Gather at 11 am, Dolores Park (18th & Dolores), March to Civic Center (Grove & Larkin)On the first anniversary of the U.S. war on Iraq, join people in cities across the world marching together against colonial occupation.

Sponsored by the March 20th National Coalition. For more info, for a list
of cosponsors, or to get involved: go to,
email m20 (at), or call 415-821-6545.Carpools: To post or request a Ride Share go to

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Re: March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan

music for the revolution

pass some flyers around about Dennis Kucinich while you are at it folks, he's the only one who will bring the troops home. There is still time to tell you friends relatives in states with primaries still coming up...illinois, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado...we can still change things at the convention if we set the delegates free. There are already 40,000 troops serving against their will thanks to Bush's stop loss orders. Kerry is planning on sending 40,000 more troops. When Dennis Kucinich asked Kerry where he would get the troops...Kerry avoided the question.
Pass the word, we the american people will not accept a skull and boner republicrat election. The DNC is throwing the election by shoving Kerry down our throats. Demand Dennis. Storm the democratic convention July in Boston.

Kerry: affordable health insurance... and a $50,000 cap on your bill

Kucinich: all care covered free, cradle to grave
"What we have now is predatory capitalism,
which makes the American people a cash crop for the insurance companies."

Re: March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan

Ben you say Dennis Kucinich is "The only one who will bring the troops home." Yet this not true. Leonard Peltier, presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party would bring the U.S. troops home. Kucinich has only proposed replacing US troops with UN troops. This would change nothing except the flag under which US and other troops are dying.

Leonard Peltier has my vote and support.

Re: March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan


Your point is well taken, but you need to understand the REALITY not the FANTASY of the situation.

I am 100% behind Dennis's proposed policies, and I have seen him live three times. I have shaken his hand and met him personally. While I FULLY support his ideas, I do NOT feel like he EVER had the public presence and ability to communicate with the mainstream. It IS important to push Dennis's agenda, as it is sane and responsible and ritious. But he barely got 1 % average of the vote. You can blame the media or whatever, and you would be right, but it aint going to do shit. The FACT of the matter is that it is Kerry vs Bush. Not Edwards, not Dean and certainly NOT Dennis or Leonard. We DO need to support the activists like them ( I do not consider either one of them VIABLE candidates) but activists, as they are bringing up the REAL issues and holding the truth on high. THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT. But the reality, for whatever your judgement may be about it, (and you would probably be right) is that it is shrub Vs. Kerry, and that is definitetly the overwhelming choice of the American people. I do NOT believe it is just a media manipulation and that Kerry is being shoved down our throats. You need to wake up to a few things that most progressive and left folks especially are out of touch with. The American people do not think like Santa Cruzan's or even Californian's. It is a big country out there. You can't have it your way just cause you know it is right. We have to deal with the reality of the situation. Bare with me here:

I initially also though the it was a skull and bones "coup" and that it was all being orchestrated so they covered it from both sides. I now believe strongly that that generalization is not only not true, but does not serve us now, in our final hour of chance to derail the most dangerous adminstration in the history of the planet. So you can whine all you want about storming the convention and RAMMING YOUR CHOICE DOWN THE PEOPLE'S THROATS, but Ben, the American people did not choose Dennis. It is NOT about Dennis Ben, it is about Bush versus Kerry, and if you want to wake up and smell the roses and help to divert the biggest calamaty that has ever happened on the planet (what will happen with
"four more years" is FAR worse than the first four. It will be a fucking nightmare of untold purportions. It will make the first four look like a trial run. Seeing clearly and STRATEGICALLY is vital at this moment.

Consider this. The agenda's that are close to your heart (peace, healthy environment, sane foreign policy etc etc) is going to take ongoing activism and eduation and work.

You have two choices: You can continue your good activism to move this country back to a place of sanity under the right wing bush agenda or you can continue your good work under the Kerry administration. That's it! Those are your ONLY two choices!! WHICH WILL IT BE???

We could argue for fucking months about the media black out on Kucinich, Skull and bones, the fact that Kerry is wealthy elite or whatever, and sorry but it doesn't mean jack shit! It's just political masterbation at this point.

See the Larger picture, and consider what I am saying here. I am not saying that Kerry is perfect, but neither are you! Neither am I!

He is going to be walking into a very dangerous and complex situation and I am FULLY convinced that Kerry is going to make a FAR better president than bush. What do YOU think.

The time for your approach is over. Your words sounds infantile and immature "storm the democratic..." give me a fucking break. Are you a baby or a mature acitist.

Remember, ONLY two choices, like it or not:

continue working for justice under the bush regime or under Kerry.

Think about it. Every moment you waste thinking Dennis or anyone else can defeat bush is delusional. As much as I love Dennis' policies, all three times I heard him I cringed. CRINGED!!!

You may be blinded by your devotion to truth, and did not notice that Dennis does not nearly have the presence and communication skills to communicate OUTSIDE of the left. I saw this early on. One of the most left wing anti bush talk shows in the bay area had him on his show a while back and said he was absolutely NOT impressed with Dennis Kucinich. What to say to say of the average American.

Bay area, left wing, activist types (which I am fully one) are generally VERY out of touch with people outside our bubble.

Take a trip around the country and meet real people from all walks of life, not just hippies or activists or Santa Cruzan's or whatever, and get a clue about what is going on in this country.

We are fortunate to have an outspoken, vietnam vet and vietnam WAR PROTESTER, who is passionately, and very sincerely committed to exposing the Bush lies and right wing agenda and bringing a sane and far far more liberal balanced agenda to this country.

It may not be heaven on earth, but it may significantly derail the right wing agenda.

Kerry is NOT bush, and he is NOT a right wing idealogue. The generalizations and lack of differentiation as well as your obviously being out of touch with the rest of the country outside of those who support your world view exibit an imature level of perception and a lack of vision of the larger picture. It's not JUST about the Iraq war, it is the whole picture.
Please consider.

There is much work to be done. Thank you

Re: March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan

Sanan, just as the words of Ben will not get Kucinich elected, and nor will my words get Peltier elected, yours will not elect Kerry. Much of the ruling class has already decided to switch horses and elect Kerry. You can see this already in the way the corporate press is covering things.

Why have they decided on Kerry? Because they know that Bush has become, and is becoming, more and more discredited. They know that Kerry can better prosecute the war by claiming some small amount of distance from starting the war (even though he voted for it).

Likewise they know that there can and will be regression in social and environmental policies under Kerry, but that many will still have illusions in him. These illusions will slow resistance to attacks coming down from Kerry.

If you elect Kerry and he continues the policies of war, mass incarceration of the poor, environmental destruction, racism, union busting, NAFTA, and the imprisonment of political leaders like Peltier as we've had for the past twelve years of Clinton/Bush you have no-one to blame but your own support to the war rotten Democrat Party.

It’s time to stop letting the Democrats get away with murder. A vote for Peltier is a vote for building a political movement with a people’s agenda completely independent of the corporate Democrat Party.

Busses To March

Busses will be leaving for the demonstration from the Resource Center for Non-violence at 9am Saturday morning. $20 round trip.

Re: March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan

Hey, will we be protesting the brutal military OCCUPATION of Lebanon?

Re: Lebanon

The call for the demonstration does say everywhere. I agree that Syrian troops should not be in Lebanon. But we should also be careful not to raise demands that could be used for an expansion of the U.S. occupation of Iraq into Syria or another Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

I would support the following demands with the understanding that it is the struggle of the people of Syria, Lebanon, Kurdistan and the region to win them:

Syria out of Lebanon, Israel stay out and end provocations!

Israel out of the Golan Heights!

U.S. Hands off Syria!

For the right to an independent Kurdistan in Syria!

For worker's revolutions in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel to overthrow the brutal capitalist governments of Bashar Al-Assad, Ariel Sharon etc. for the establishment of socialist republics!

Such demands are somewhat academic in the U.S. since the U.S. is not involved in backing the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. It is akin to raising demands that Russia get out of Chechnya. Still these questions are important.

Re: March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan

Thanks for your response. I ended up writing a long kind of intense reply. Rather than put it here and detract from the important topic at hand (The protest Saturday)I decided to post my rambling seperately. I will call it: "Why I'm voting for Kerry- a different angle".
You can read it there.

Re: Busses To March

Buses are leaving from the County Bldg. (Ocean/Water) @ 9am, NOT the Resource Center for Nonviolence.

Re: March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan

" The call for the demonstration does say everywhere. I agree that Syrian troops should not be in Lebanon. But we should also be careful not to raise demands that could be used for an expansion of the U.S. occupation of Iraq into Syria or another Israeli invasion of Lebanon"

Southern Lebanon is currently OCCUPIED by Iranian backed Hezbollah...
This "End Occupation' deal is very reality, it is only against the USA, and Israel.
Where were these slugs, when the "West Bank" was OCCUPIED by Jordan, and the Gaza was OCCUPIED by Egypt...(Nowhere to be found...No Jews or Americans involved...Arab OCCUPIERS are alwyas given a free and bloody pass...

Re: March 20th Protest Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan

As for Becky's thoughts on Lebanon: Whatever you think of Hezbollah, it is laughable to call southern Lebanon an occupied territory because of Hezbollah's Iranian backing. This is on par with saying that Cuba or Vietnam were occupied by the Soviet Union because of Soviet backing, or that the U.S. was occupied by France because of French backing during the American Revolution.

While you ignore the mass murder that Israel carried out on Lebanese soil at Sabra and Shatila, you point your fingers against those who drove Israel out. Like the anti-Semites that you accuse me of being in league with you claim no Zionist atrocities, just as they claim no Nazi atrocities.

Hezbollah and the other Lebanese and Palestinian militants that drove out the brutal Israeli occupation are not a foreign army, they are homegrown resistance. That is why I did not discuss them as foreign occupiers.

You then take a leap into complete La-La Land declaring, "The West Bank was OCCUPIED by Jordan, and the Gaza was OCCUPIED by Egypt.? Yeah, just like North Dakota was occupied by the Sioux.


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