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12/03 VoteRigging insight to Pre-empt-- deleted from stories at some IMC's

Here is insight gleaned from listening to Kerry speak in early debate and written about in KucitiZeN IndyMedia story. The full comment is include at sites like Cleveland, SF and Vancouver which have the old form, but at sites like Boston,Madison and Chicago, it has been deleted-possibly through some back-door cyber window? This was even before Dean was being set-up for the fall. This is what the major players are realizing that with all the people on the Web ,doing their homework,Research and self-publishing, the bloggin' is cracking open their noggin's, Scribes not Scripts, Let the People GO! SEE for yourself!
"Kerry is tough, sometimes on the verge of meanness, and brings up forceful points,in a commanding speech style, but since Dennis is even tougher in a fairer, more actualized,unflappable and yet Kind understanding way, I've never wavered , even before he announced was doing posts sharing his Ideas, and Kerry seems more to be speaking to them men Behind the scenes to build the leader,electable image so the election can be Fixed behind the Scenes, and to reflect manufactured inevitability so as to, change brands but continue down the empire path, as Mike Ruppert warns about on his site,regarding trying to find some one who appears liberal like Clinton and so is able to convince the People to Keep on slyly doing that Empire buildin' thang. Every one is aware of the Bones society, Convince me its Ok to change one for anOTHER-CONSIDER, wealthy plutocratic Politicos didn't give THEIR Mom's the right to vote till 1920.The only oath that counts for loyalty to the People is the ONE taken to defend the Constitution." and now here it is removed;
the paragraph after Clark is scary, beginning with Kerry is tough.....

Here is where I tried to post as a comment few days ago and was deleted again, but notice Clevelink included where the few sentences appears!

here are sites it also gets duly recorded

AND 2 Where it went down the Black Hole to be filed as thoughtcrime:

For more pictures and stories go to any major sites and search culturejamcleveland- look for new story with Dennis throwing the "moneychangers" (comicpicture) out of the 1st WorkersWhiteHouse!

Vote to-SAVE! NOT! VoteSlave
plutocrats didn't give their Mom's the right to vote till 1920
Kucinich is emerging as the toughest challenger and everyone deep
down knows it.
The Power Elite want a dream ballot they don't relate or understand
or identify with common People, who they have been selling out and it
is regular folk who work, build and make this country movead day in
and day out.
KUciNich is BY, FOR and OF! the PEOPLE, he is the leader and Friend
of ordinary People all around the world , to lead a Stand-down of
anti-humanity and global health assaults, on decency and usher in a
New Order where a Worker's White House, Pursues common-sense,
sustainable just policies for Progress Liberty Justice and CARE for
Presidents Preside
Leaders Lead
Corporations want Compromised, Weak Presidents for domination
People NEED "No-Strings" Firm,Fair Leaders who nurture

consumers passively out of anger, fear, vote for RegularK (Kerry)
CitiZeNs actively hope,out of courage Vote for SpecialK (Kucinich)

"The Redcoats are..., The Corporations Are Coming! The
Corporations Are Coming!!"

BlueBloods bleed, greed without heed
TrueBloods feed NEEDS adhering to a Creed
As casualties mount and disorder continues in Iraq, and as the lies that were put forward to garner support of the invasion are exposed, Massachusetts senator John Kerry and his supporters have desperately sought to defend his decision to back the U.S. invasion and occupation. Their failure to make a convincing case may spell trouble for Senator Kerry’s dreams of capturing the White House in November.

Senator Kerry, like President Bush, believes that while it is okay for the United States and a number of its regional allies to possess a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, countries the United States does not like must be prevented, by military force if necessary, from doing the same. And Senator Kerry – like President Bush – apparently believes that unilateral military intervention, not comprehensive arms control treaties, is the way to deal with the threat of proliferation.

And, if the country targeted for invasion does not really have such weapons, Senator Kerry – like President Bush – will simply claim that they do anyway.

Back in October 2002, when Senator Kerry voted to grant President Bush a blank check to make war, he tried to scare the American public into thinking that such an invasion was essential to the defense of the United States. Despite a lack of credible evidence, Kerry categorically declared that “Iraq has chemical and biological weapons? and even claimed that most elements of Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons programs were “larger and more advanced than they were before the Gulf War.? Furthermore, Kerry asserted that Iraq was “attempting to develop nuclear weapons,? backing up this accusation by claiming that “all U.S. intelligence experts agree? with such an assessment. He also alleged that “Iraq is developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) capable of delivering chemical and biological warfare agents, which could threaten Iraq’s neighbors as well as American forces in the Persian Gulf.?

Every single one of these claims, no less than similar claims by President Bush, was false. Despite this, however, Senator Kerry and his supporters somehow want the American public to trust him enough to elect him as the next president of the United States.

Published on Monday, March 1, 2004 by
Kerry’s Support for the Invasion of Iraq and the Bush Doctrine Still Unexplained
by Stephen Zunes
No Troops Plan?-CALLOUS
NO Health Plan?-CALLOUS
No Jobs Plan?-CALLOUS
No Pentagon/Education Plan?-CALLOUS
No Bill Of Rights?-That Is NOT AmeriCAN!


Kerry's surge? his rabid supporters are real Votin' 'machines'
Personally I think |Divide and Conquer| is their strategy, so DK and Al need to Unite.? Now is the time when we all need to stand up for truth. What about Mike at Mike refuses to reply or respond on this subject, almost like a bush believer when you're talking about 911.? Mike has posted thousands of articles on the corruption of our government, and now when we have the chance to end corruption by voting for THE honest man. ? Silence- on and on about Israel day and night, nothing about what we can do right now to end this system.? Is everyone in the 'alternative press' just resigned to the endless corruption of our system, they're just going to keep on posting stories about the corrupt kerry administration??Why not help spread the word and get out the vote for The Uncorruptible One and CHANGE our world now! Why not- GET UP, STAND UP and FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!!! Where is the alternative press exposing the obvious sham of the Democratic Primaries.? Dean pumped for a year straight, Dean dominating, then he just falls apart like that?? Come ON!? What a Joke.?

Force an Open Dem Convention
Kucinich gets extra boost in final caucus numbers

By Associated Press

(Honolulu-AP) -- A final tally of the vote in Hawaii's presidential caucuses shows also-ran candidate Dennis Kucinich did even better than previously thought.

The Ohio congressman earned 31-point-two percent of the vote in the February 24th contest, behind winner John Kerry.

Kucinich was originally reported to have 25 percent.
-the love cement INFLATES the conduit of the spiritual vent and will continue to converge as a testament for change already sent-the future enters into us to transform us ,long before it happens---dreamingvoicesteach!
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