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March 20 Action In San Francisco

Join the Global day of Action in San Francisco Saturday, March 20, 2004 11am at Dolores Park, 18th & Dolores Sts.

On March 20th, the one year anniversary of the U.S. war against Iraq, a Global Day of Action will bring hundreds of thousands of people into the streets in cities around the world.

This will be a unified demonstration opposing the criminal and empire-building policies of the Bush administration and their impact abroad and at home. The march calls for an end to the occupation and corporate control of Iraq and to bring the troops home now. It calls for an end to the occupation of Palestine. It calls for the funding of human needs, the funding of social programs and demonstrates against the ever-expanding attacks on all immigrants, labor rights and everyone's civil liberties - It calls for a united stand against racism here and abroad.

Audio and Photos: Images and Sound from SF March 20th Event
March gathers at 11am at Dolores Park, 18th & Dolores Sts, and march to Civic Center.

From the Resource Center for Nonviolence site (

Info: 831/423-1626 x308. Car pool and busses from Santa Cruz to be provided. Bus tickets, $20 & some scholarships, at RCNV, 515 Broadway (@ Ocean). Tickets often sold out, so get your tickets in advance; no phone reservations. Details: Bus leaves promptly at 9am from SC County Offices, Ocean & Water Sts. Bus drops people off at Deolores park at 11am. Bus will proceed directly from Dorlores Park to Civic Center to drop people off who have waling problems. March from Dolores Park to Civic Center and reboard bus at 4pm. Home by 6pm. Bus goes rain or shine. No unpaid reservations.

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Why demonstrate on March 20 ?

Why it is important to participate in the global day of action against the war:





"Our life starts to end when we start to be quiet to events that we attach importance." - Martin Luther King

Re: March 20 Action In San Francisco

I was a marcher last year in SF and SC as we tried to stop the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. I was proud to be part of both events.
On Saturday March 20th I will return to SF to do much the same.
Perhaps the President doesn't listen, but millions on Americans do. Show your disagreement with our government’s policies this Saturday in SF. You don't have to be a radical or get arrested to show the world that we still believe in freedom and democracy, in spite of our government’s actions. In fact, I will be dressed in my business attire to highlight that even normal folks are a lot more than bored at the actions taken in our name.
Hey Hey, Ho Ho, that BushCo just to go.
Be an instrument of change on 3-20-04 in SF


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