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Rábia Balkhi Hospital Project in Kabul, Afghanistan

Imagine being nine months pregnant and taken to a hospital. The doctor tells you they must do an emergency caesarean section. They must begin immediately, yet they have no sutures nor needles available to finish the operation. They start anyway. Your baby is born but she is not breathing. The hospital has no emergency equipment nor trained staff to deal with her.

Jane Sinense, founder of the Rábia Balkhi Hospital Project in Kabul, Afghanistan joined me in the studio of Free Radio Santa Cruz for this interview.

Listen to the Stream
jane_sinense_3-8-04.mp3 (3495 k)
Rábia Balkhi Hospital Project

"The Rábia Balkhi Hospital Project was started in June, 2003 after I watched a documentary about the hospital. My name is Jane Sinense, I live in Mountain View, California. The conditions in this hospital were so dire I decided that I had to do something about it, and I wanted to do it in such a way that any money I donated would go directly to the hospital, not to the paycheck of someone who worked for a large charitable organization."

-- Jane Sinense, founder of the Rábia Balkhi Hospital Project

Those interested in helping can send a check made out to:

Society of Afghan Engineers
c/o Jane Sinense
505 Cypress Point Dr.. #135
Mountain View, CA 94043"

jsinense (at)

PDF version of the brochure

Links for more information

more resources

Mountain View Councilmember Rosemary Stasek's Trips to Afghanistan

Upcoming Events:

Presentation by Rosemary Stasek

April 25, 2004
12:00 Noon
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos.
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