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Great Anarchist Noam Chomsky backs Bush-lite Kerry

could he now be the WORLDS MOST DUMBEST MAN?
Comment: The story below has got to be a major embarrassment for the ISO, which has been fawning over Chomsky for years, endorsing Chomsky's views without criticism, even though Chomsky is an "anarchist," a member of the IWW (or he was in 2000-2001)
Chomsky's name has been on the cover of ISR, the ISO's magazine, more often than the names of Marx, Engels, Lenin, or Trotsky, and even more often even than the name of Tony Cliff, the English ex-Trotskyist who invented the International Socialist (IS) tendency, and who, interestingly, did not oppose the expulsion of the ISO from the world IS tendency a few years ago.

Chomsky backs 'Bush-lite' Kerry
Matthew Tempest
Saturday March 20, 2004
The Guardian
Noam Chomsky, the political theorist and leftwing guru, yesterday gave his reluctant endorsement to the Democratic party's presidential contender, John Kerry, calling him "Bush-lite", but a "fraction" better than his rival.

Professor Chomsky - a linguist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as a renowned chronicler of American foreign policy - said there were "small differences" between Senator Kerry and the Republican president. But, in an interview on the Guardian's politics website, he added that those small differences "can translate into large outcomes".

He describes the choice facing US voters in November as "the choice between two factions of the business party". But the Bush administration was so "cruel and savage", it was important to replace it.

He said: "Kerry is sometimes described as 'Bush-lite', which is not inaccurate. But despite the limited differences both domestically and internationally, there are differences. In a system of immense power, small differences can translate into large outcomes" . . .

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Chomsky's preference for Kerry makes sense

dilemma: A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive. [Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, emphasis added]

Why, pray tell, should Chomsky's preference cause embarrassment? Obviously he picked the lesser of two evils. Do you recommend we vote for Bush? Or for some candidate who is as noble as he is unelectable?


Re: Great Anarchist Noam Chomsky backs Bush-lite Kerry

Word. I don't think Chomsky all of a sudden lost his edge, as this poster would have us believe. The guy is clearly not an anarchist anyways....

Re: Great Anarchist Noam Chomsky backs Bush-lite Kerry

Kerry a lesser evil? On Spain he states, "In my judgment the new prime minister should not have said he was going to pull out of Iraq."

Kerry is not a lesser evil, but he will be a more effective evil because the American people will have more illusions in him.

Chomsky is nothing but an apologist for an imperialist war monger who voted for war.

I'd rather vote for chomsky

but he'd never win because the media's depicted him sitting to satan's left.

Another 4 years of Rove et al must be avoided. Right now. period. dot. point.

Re: Great Anarchist Noam Chomsky backs Bush-lite Kerry

Chomsky would never run because he knows the Democrats and the corporate media would not accept him in his new role. Professor Chomsky wouldn't want to get his hands dirty and tarnish his ivory tower image putting the hard work into establishing or building a third party to the left. Chomsky would rather be a darling of liberals and youth for his ability to put out watered down criticisms of U.S. imperialism and the corporate media without drawing the proper conclusions.

Recently an article by Chomsky was published in the right-wing Sentinel to which I responded, "I think that Chomsky's article is cowardly in the way it hails the capture of Saddam Hussein. The blood dripping hands of U.S. imperialism have no right to put Saddam Hussein on trial. The U.S. will use this capture to bolster its image, putting a tyrant on trial only to install another propped up by the terror of the guns, bombs, and missiles of the U.S. military. Already demonstrators are regularly shot down in the streets of Iraq by the U.S. military. Instead of hailing the capture of Saddam Hussein revolutionary socialists call for the capture of war criminal George Bush, call for the military defeat of the United States in Iraq, support strikes against the war, and take the side of rank and file soldiers who refuse orders and revolt against this imperialist war."

This alternative, coupled with building a working class political party as an alternative to the Democrats is essential in the hard struggle to actually end the war and make other changes.

On the Sentinel article I went on to point out that, "Chomsky has taken a position that upholds the U.S. trampling on and destroying the sovereignty of Iraq. As Americans the only war criminals we have the right to put on trial are the ones working for the U.S. government. If Hitler were still alive and he was putting Sharon on trial it would also be our duty to oppose that trial as well. Not because Sharon isn’t a criminal, but because of what that trial would represent in justifying Nazi atrocities. Likewise the U.S. government, nor any hand picked international tribunal, has any right to judge a single Iraqi. Today they try Saddam Hussein, tomorrow trade union leaders and leaders of the resistance. If the U.S. was honest about what they are putting Saddam Hussein on trial for, they would say it was for the nationalization of the oil and using some those revenues for healthcare and education. Hussein committed a crime against capitalism by not keeping the people down at the economic level that U.S. allies like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia do, with all oil profits flowing directly to multi-nationals and royalty."

Now Chomsky has directly endorsed one of the war criminals that voted for this war and who will continue the war when he is in office.

In response to Chomsky’s fake radicalism I say: No to the Democrats, the other party of war and repression! Instead of voting for Kerry I say build the anti-war movement, build the Peace and Freedom Party, and vote for Leonard Peltier.


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