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Two Finnish Business Executives killed on an unscheduled trip

Clarified summary on killed Finns in Iraq based on some news articles.
March 23rd, 2004


FINLAND (IRAQ) - /0/ Experienced Iraq travelers, Managing Director of Air-Ix Mr Jorma Törönen, and Ensto Utility Networks Managing Director Seppo Haapanen were last morning on their way to an unscheduled and unplanned meeting towards an power plant outside Baghdad area. Men were traveling on their own, with a support of a local car driver.

/1/ Black Audi -not really any black Limo, or black dresses men- started to follow two mans one vehicle convoy, and opened 'a friendly fire' towards Finns at the underpass. Both Haapanen and Törönen were shot with automatics to back from behind, and to head. According to the eyewitnesses everything was over in few seconds, and the Audi carried on driving away with a fast speed. Car driver luckily survived, and he contacted the other Finns. Car driver were armed, but never had a change to use his gun.

From time to time I am asking myself “Why do we have Foreign Affairs Office?? Well, when for example Finnish Security Police have made enough mistakes in some nation, they need someone to tell their citizen that /2/ “it is not safe to travel into this nation, since it is not safe to travel into this nation?. /3/ Further more, Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Hyvönen explains “Our recommendation only explains, how we in the Foreign Affairs Office see Iraq security circumstance, and we can not see any reason to travel into Iraq?. This is an official state policy, not necessary its citizens policy. If I were a State likely having exported illegally raw material on TNT to Saddam regime, then I suppose his explanation makes some sense - or what do you think? Even this case was like to be just an other terrorist attract towards some foreign businessmen driving happily in a war zone.

Circumstances are a bit similar to Finland and Finnish Security Police, than CIA has got towards Finland. /4/ Finland has not got any representatives in Iraq and thus they haven't got a change to protect Finns traveling to Iraq.
In the same way CIA hasn't got any representatives in Finland, and thus our end government officials are free to do business against the law.
/5/ Mr Hyvönen believes, that the shooting were not aimed against Finns, and at the same time he reminds, that Helena Ranta from Department of Forensic Medicine is running investigations on Irak's mass graves under an assignment given by Finnish Department of Justice. It is really interesting to notice how deep concern Finns carry on Iraqi dental health care, and how they are shown this to these people.
Summa summarum is, that Finns are able to look, what is inside a death Arabs mouth -possibly even against their religion-, but they are not able to protect few businessmen on abroad. I think this is 'funny'. I will have to consult my Arab friend to understand Finnish way of thinking. Better put the tea cattle on Mohammad, this may take some time...

Either way, at least for one thing the plus goes to the Finnish Police, since the police gave victims only a shot notice; /6/“Your husband has been shot (to death)?. I must say, very sentimental these Finnish policemen. And almost as police as their British colleagues. /7/ “Police arrived at one and told, that my husband had been shot (to death) around ten o'clock. I have not received any further information.? -shocked spouse Meeri Haapanen told just few hours after she received the notice.

/8/CEO of Air-Ix, Mr Törönen, were about to meet his old friends and business associates from Saddam regime time which had survived from war, as well as he was looking for new business opportunities.

/9/ Also Spanish and German businessmen had been murdered with the same method.

I think war is a horrible thing to be, and I really do hope this accident was only a mistake. Unfortunately because of our end government policy we are not ever able to know, if something else was related to this co-incidence. It is very like to be, that few Iraq regime men made a mistake, and could not make the difference between European and an American. But even if they had made, would it had made any difference, since the opposite theory says “you are like to have sold weaponries to Iraq, and your new friends in Iraq have been looking for you?.

By far it would be better, if Finnish Security Police would be in charge of Finnish Security Arrangements for those favoring government trade, and this way regime would have a clear target. It would be the clearest way of also making the difference to pure business and government politics related business. It this few other people to the car driver could possible survive from these attracts too?

/10/ And like always in a Socialist State, person next to president and a member of a socialist party simply washes his hand of any scandal – the idealogy fist. Marxism need sacrifices, he is like to think.

At least I am happy to say, that we run only conventional business, and these are not our concerns. But I do sympathize with the widows (and their family), since Finnish government is very like to lie her on the real facts, since our government illegalities on their weapons deals etc., let us hope this is not the case.

Which brings me back to basics; I wonder when they are going to return my property back to myself. You know how the Socialists are; even Putin gave away a house to a Russian couple having increase socialist amount for 21 by making as many children. Wow, I must say, I do envy this bloke, because he really gets it, when he needs it! Should I had selected differently my choises in life?

Apupoika – Business Intelligence Finland
Ake Tyvi

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10/ Metro, 02/23/2004, p. 1 and p. 2, “Suomalaisliikemiehet surmattiin autoonsa?

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