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Slave Revolt Radio - Haiti Pt. 2

audio mp3 on Haiti pt2 feb/mar2004

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srr_haiti2.mp3 (8192 k)
Slave Revolt Radio - Hati pt2
SRR Haiti pt 2 the "Beyond the shadow" segment on what could or should've been done to avoid the Haiti coup. SRR broadcasts on Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1fm UNLICENSED micro radio in Oakland Ca. These broadcasts are sent via snail mail on cassette tape to Free Radio Santa Cruz rerecorded/digitized in mp3 and uploaded here to SCIMC all prgms are usually 2 weeks from original broadcast, unfortunately I have no current contact info for the producers but will hopefully soon. Skidmark Bob any questions I can relay email me skidmarkbob (at)

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Re: Slave Revolt Radio - Haiti Pt. 2

Really, really like these guys. I seldom hear analysis that's free of reformist B.S.
Can't wait to listen to the above piece.


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