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Artistic Freedom and Expression for All

The Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression (SAFE) performed on Pacific Ave. on March 24.
SAFE has regular weekly Sing Outs on the Sidewalk in front of New Leaf Market at 6:00 pm every Wednesday evening.

SAFE calls for the restoration of the Voluntary Street Performers Guidelines and the end to onerous restrictions on peformers downtown.

One local Downtown Ordinance dictates the 10' forbidden zones limiting performers to less than 20% of downtown sidewalks. Another literally excludes them from narrower sidewalks in other business districts.

SAFE invites you to bring your instrument, a friend, or just your ears.

Delicious hot vegan soup is brewed up by Joe Schultz.

Take back our public spaces and reclaim the commons.

For more information on SAFE, go down to Pacific Ave. on Wednesday, March 31.

don't waste resources, bring your own soup bowl

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