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Zapatismo en Santa Cruz

Chiapas Peace House Project presented at the RCNV Thursday night

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Re: Zapatismo en Santa Cruz

Seeing people representing the Chiapas Peace House AND Zapatismo en Santa Cruz (with four people in attendance) reminded me that we must NOT forget the struggles we have supported in days past. The people of Chiapas and the Zapatista leadership wholeheartedly give their love and support to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and oppressed brothers and sisters around the globe. The Mexican media is currently reporting (via the AP) claims the Zapatistas are "rearming." With 70,000 troops already stationed in Chiapas, I feel the government is plotting and planning MORE violent supression of these people who HAVE successfully created autonomous communities for themselves and continue to struggle with very little international support today. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THESE PEOPLE OR THEIR STRUGGLE! STAY INFORMED! Hasta la victoria...SIEMPRE!


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