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"The legendary Cosmopolitan editor was vilified in 1993 when she published a piece called "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS." But she was right." - NY POST

New York Post
March 19, 2004 --

THE public health experts - and their amen corner in the media - owe Helen Gurley Brown an apology.

The legendary Cosmopolitan editor was vilified in 1993 when she published a piece called "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS." But she was right.

Eleven years later, Details is asking: "Whatever Happened to AIDS and Straight Men?" The article states, "A disease-free man who has unprotected sex with a drug-free woman stands a one in 5 million chance of contracting HIV."
The story by Kevin Gray also cites a joke that made the rounds of the New York City Department of Health as statistics came in showing that the predicted spread of AIDS to heterosexuals wasn't happening:
"What do you call a man who got HIV from his girlfriend? . . . A liar."
"I feel somewhat vindicated," Brown told PAGE SIX.

Michael Fumento, who wrote the original 1990 book titled "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS," said, "I'm not waiting for an apology. It's not going to happen."
When Basic Books published Fumento's tome, "Distributors refused to handle it," he says. "Stores refused to carry it. And at many stores that did have it, clerks left it in the basement."
Celia Farber, who wrote an AIDS column in Spin magazine, was routinely attacked because she refused to rehash the propaganda put out by AmFAR and other groups.
"Everybody who was wrong got journalism awards. Everybody who was right got all but driven from the profession," Farber said.

Farber exposed the conspiracy between profit-hungry drug companies, researchers who wanted more funding, homosexuals who didn't want the disease to be known as "the gay plague," and conservatives who wanted to turn back the sexual revolution.
"They believed in what they were doing, not what they were saying," Fumento said. "They knew it was lies. They felt the end justified the means."
At a recent editorial meeting at Seed, the new science magazine, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Laurie Garrett supposedly threatened to quit when a colleague suggested a story about Peter Duesberg, a leading retrovirologist.

Duesberg lost his funding, his laboratory, and his students when he announced in 1987 that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. "He lost everything," said one insider. Duesberg switched to cancer research, and is now touted to win a Nobel Prize.

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Re: v - NY POST

CAUCASIAN TEEN 'AIDS' CASES (entire USA) BETWEEN July 1983 and December 2001 = 1211 (male and female).
Source: - CDC

TWELVE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN in nearly 18 years or a mere 67 cases a year.


That figure of 1.28 cases per State is lower than gun shotdeaths in the Mac Arthur Park area of Los Angeles in a single month.

Check for yourself (don't take our word for it) at: -


In the same period people over 60 (caucasian) had 9,338 cases.

Those old folks must be sex mad - Nine times MORE sex than teenagers.

....or could it just be that 'AIDS' is not an std? Surely not? God forbid! Perish the thought!

AIDS Apologists VS AIDS Dissidents - The Truth About AIDS Denialists

AIDS Apologists VS AIDS Dissidents - Truths About AIDS Denialists

AIDS apologists  are those who know HIV leads to AIDS (proven by science, so much scientific proof) and we are defending the scientifically known fact that viral pathogenesis and progression of 'HIV to AIDS'  causes  the eventual need for combination therapies to prolong life. Mixed "AIDS Apologist" links here or find comments here from both sides (dissidents and the scientific community), but still about AIDS Apologist activities...

AIDS dissidents (better known as AIDS Denialists who are AIDS dissidence, dissidence is anti-establishment like, against science and progression, argumentative) deny HIV causes AIDS and claim the medications kill the patients (AZT "over use" alone started this myth in the late 80s, but medicine combo/therapies are working today in the year 2000+). Basically a group of non doctors and non scientists who challenge the conventional HIV/AIDS model or hypothesis and do not accept the proven evidence. These dissident groups seem almost fanatical by them posting the same message multiple times to a targeted list of internet websites (non dissident sites of course, clogging up the normal flow of reading material with intentions of shutting the sites down) and insulting/bashing anyone who may not agree.

What are AIDS dissidents? Find out who, what, where, when and why:

What are AIDS denialists all about? See the myths exposed:

Learn about how they are murdering HIV positive people:




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