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Commander & Cheif Radio - Vol3 Dubyas Gone!

Commander & Cheif Radio program number 3 for march /April 2004 30min audio compilation collage from various artists in honor of George W Bush.
CCR3.mp3 (8192 k)
-ccr intro -
- The Bots - Bushwacked 2 -
- Department of Corrections:
- Emergency announcement - music by Delta 9 Vinyl communications recs the bush quotes were taken from other unknowned mixes
- Bushblaster music by Caustic Window bush quotes taken from actuall unedited quotes found at
- Bush on crack .com news - The Bill of no rights
- Slowbrain - (unknown download track)
- Dana Carvey on WMDs - Tonight show mar2004
- Sea Lion - Son of a Bush
- Poison Popcorn - State of the Union Truthfull Translations page at Diy Media
- D.O.C. - Flush Bush mix (now available for free download at cklick on th Free Radio page
-Mike Fix - Lets Roll

Check out the Skidmark Bob GW MEGA mixes download page at

CCRadio is a production of PoP dEFECT Radio the soundtrack of the resistance find this and other great mp3 audio at Thanks for tuning in CCRadio..

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Re: Commander & Cheif Radio - Vol3 Dubyas Gone!

I just heard sea lion's Son of a Bush on my college radio (KUNM) and went straight to your web site (well after a goggle search).

Very cool and funny stuff....and so right to the point!

I found vol 2, but was there a commander & cheif radio 1 program????



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